Virtual Event FAQs

What is a Virtual Event?

A virtual event is a race with complete freedom. You can run wherever you want, and run at your own pace. Thousands of other runners will be completing the distance as well, so you’ll be running virtually shoulder to shoulder with a huge global running community.

What do you mean by evidence?

As this is a Virtual Event, you’ll be completing it on your own in a location of your choosing. Therefore to earn your medal, you need to submit evidence that you have covered the distance.

What kind of evidence do you accept?

Evidence can be anything that proves you have covered the full distance of your Virtual Event. For example screenshots from tracking apps or photos of your running watch. You can even go old school and show us your written training log.

Where do I submit my evidence?

To submit the evidence that you’ve completed your Virtual Event distance, log into and go to your ‘My Virtual Events’ area. Here you will see all the Virtual Events you have joined and you’ll be able to start the process of claiming your medal.

Complete the required fields and upload your evidence screenshots. Confirm all the details are correct and hit the ‘Submit Evidence’ button. You’ll see an on-screen confirmation that your evidence has been submitted.

What format should my evidence be in?

Evidence should be uploaded in the form of a screenshot. Accepted formats are .jpg, .jpeg and .png.

Does it matter where I run?

You can run wherever you like, as long as you can show evidence of the run. Run through city streets, forests, parks, trails or on the treadmill - the choice is yours.

Is there a time limit?

There is no time limit, you can complete the distance at your own pace. As long as your evidence shows you have completed the distance (on the dates applicable if it’s a time sensitive challenge) then you will receive your medal.

Can I walk a Virtual Event?

All of our Virtual Events can be completed by walking instead of running if you’d prefer.

Do I have to run the full distance at once?

You can either submit evidence for multiple runs that equal your Virtual Event distance overall, or run the whole distance at once. If you finish the Virtual Event over more than one run, you will need to submit multiple pieces of evidence that show you have completed runs that add up to the full distance.

How do the date-specific Virtual Events work?

One of our goals with Virtual Events is to bring runners from around the world together. Therefore some of our Virtual Events take place on set dates to ensure that runners are all taking on the distance at the same time. As part of the evidence submission for these events, you’ll need to confirm the dates you ran on to be eligible.

What if I can’t run on the specified dates of a time-specific event?

If you are unable to run on the specified dates of your Virtual Event, please email [email protected] and let us know about your situation. We’ll be able to work with you to agree on alternate arrangements so you can still earn your medal.

Is there an age limit for Virtual Events?

There is no age limit for Virtual Events. Any runners under the age of 16 should complete the distance under supervision of a parent or guardian.

When will my medal arrive?

Your medal will be dispatched once your evidence has been submitted and verified. Shipping times vary depending on your location. You’ll receive a confirmation email to let you know when your evidence has been approved.

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds for Virtual Events once purchased. Please ensure you are able to complete your Virtual Event when signing up for one, as we are unable to offer a refund if you change your mind or can’t complete the distance.

Do I need a account to join a Virtual Event?

To sign up for a Virtual Event you will need a account. This is where you’ll track the Virtual Events you’ve entered, and submit your evidence. Accounts are free to set up.

How should I train for my Virtual Event?

Training for your Virtual Event is all about giving yourself enough time to prepare, and training safely and efficiently. We have thousands of running articles for all ability levels, written by expert coaches who have helped runners just like you achieve their goals. Check out our training articles today, or join a challenge to get your own training plan for the distance you’re taking on.

Can I enter more than one Virtual Event?

Yes, you can enter as many Virtual Events as you like. Please ensure you are able to train for the events safely. All of your active Virtual Events will be listed in the ‘My Virtual Events’ section of your profile.

Where can I connect with other runners taking on a Virtual Event? is home to a community of thousands of runners of all ability levels, who are all more than happy to support you and offer motivation and advice for your training. A great place to start is by writing a blog, where you can record your training progress and comment on the blogs of your fellow runners.

Can I run a Virtual Event for charity?

We work with hundreds of global charities to help connect fundraisers with causes they care about. Each of our Virtual Events includes charity listings, where you can pick a charity to support. Once you’ve pledged to support a charity, you can start fundraising like you would for any other event. Set up a fundraising page on your chosen online fundraising platform, then start raising money - we have over 100 great fundraising ideas to get you started.