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We’ve been experts in this field for over twenty years, connecting people who want to run for good with the causes they care about.

We offer a range of services from multi-entry packages in specific events to our full-service ‘run with realbuzz’ programme with no upfront costs to your charity. Fill in our short form to find out more and a member of our partnerships team will get in touch.

Some of our global charity partners

Our network of charity partners reaches all corners of the globe, why not align your charity?

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You choose the way you want to work with us and we're there to help you maximise your fundraising

Multi-entry Packages

We’ll guide you through our event entry options – you can secure entries in multiple races or just focus on a target event.

All packages include promotional support including an official listing for your charity where runners can apply to join your team.

It’s all done through our runner management platform so you can see and manage all your applications in one place. Seamless technology to simplify your processes so you can focus on maximising your fundraising.

‘Run with realbuzz’ programme

If you need more support to recruit and steward runners or don’t want to buy entries up front, then you can join the run with realbuzz programme.

No upfront costs – you only pay for a runner’s entry package once they’ve hit the minimum fundraising milestone – and runners can run in support of you across any* of our partner events!

This service includes full marketing support and stewardship of the runners to help them reach their fundraising goals.

*where events have an existing domestic programme, runners from within that country may not be able to run for you but international runners still can

The leaders in charity running programmes

International Reach


We already engage with more than a quarter of a million runners, globally. We provide a prominent platform for charities to raise awareness and recruit what will often become lifelong supporters.

Opening The Field


Our extensive network of prestigious event partners means you can recruit and fundraise across multiple races without the hassle of individual contracts and multiple systems.

Empowering Runners to Raise More


As experts in fundraising and reaching runners, we provide tailored marketing services and pride ourselves on the highest level of customer support for our charities and their runners.