• With over 20 years’ experience, we currently work with over 5,000 charities globally, connecting charities to runners and the endurance events they want to be part of. We offer a range of services from multi-entry packages in specific events – what we call Official Charity Programmes - to our full-service ‘run with realbuzz’ programme with no upfront costs to your charity.

  • This is a no upfront cost service, which means it’s free to be listed as a charity partner on our website enabling any runner, globally, to raise vital funds for you. 

    Upon a runner registering to run one of our partner events we then work with the runner to support them to hit (and hopefully surpass) the fundraising target for the event. The charity only pays for the runner once they’ve reached the key fundraising milestone for the event, so there’s no risk, and you receive 100% of fundraising (less any platform fees for the fundraising platform used which is not associated with realbuzz).

  • Looking to secure places in races ahead of the crowds? For many of our events such as the Irish Life Dublin Marathon and the BMW Berlin-Marathon, we run a full or international Official Charity Programme, where charities can pre-purchase entries across one or multiple races. You recruit and steward your runners and we provide seamless runner management technology, event day support and marketing services including an official website listing with the event. You receive 100% of fundraising (less any platform fees for the fundraising platform used which is not associated with realbuzz). 

  • Yes, you can choose to have pre-allocated teams in events but also recruit supporters across all our events via the ‘run with realbuzz’ programme. This will mean you have two different services with realbuzz with associated terms and conditions you’ll need to agree to for each service. Contact the realbuzz Partnership Team by registering here
  • Because we exist to serve charities of all sizes, we offer a wide range of services to ensure that fundraising through endurance running is as accessible as possible.
    We flex our services to the needs of our charities, from simple entry and marketing packages to a fully outsourced runner recruitment and stewardship service with no upfront costs (the ‘run with realbuzz’ programme). Request to speak to our Partnerships Team today to discuss the best solution for you.
  • When you purchase entries up front (Official Charity Programme packages), your package comes with what’s called an ‘Official Listing’ which means you get website presence linked directly with the event – the listings are tiered depending on your package and in some cases include display advertising opportunities to bolster your exposure. Realbuzz also offers additional marketing packages to support your recruitment. 
    When you list as part of the ‘run with realbuzz’ programme, you’ll receive access to our Brand Hub with all the tools you need to promote your involvement to your current supporters and social media followers, plus realbuzz will offer campaigns across the year you can get involved with as well as marketing directly to runners to get them signed up to run with realbuzz, where they’ll have the option to select your charity as their cause. 
  • No, the ‘run with realbuzz’ programme means realbuzz partners with charities in a way where there are no upfront cost commitments. A charity only pays for an event entry for a runner once they have reached the minimum fundraising target, ensuring the charity never loses out. The full amount raised goes to the charity, barring any platform fees associated with the fundraising platform used, and is separate from the entry package fee. 

  • Realbuzz secures exclusive places for charity runners in our partner events which can be reserved by runners like you. For all events you can run for one of our Partner Charities for free (the charity covers your entry fee) and in many of our events you can also run for a cause or charity of your choice, even if they don’t currently partner with us - this is called an ‘Own Charity Place’. In this instance you just have to cover your own entry package fee and you won’t be eligible for the realbuzz finisher pack as this is exclusive to our charity partners. 

    Your place is guaranteed as soon as you reach the first fundraising milestone, which is 75% of the total fundraising target shown on the event information page. You need to reach this milestone at least 30 days before registration officially closes for your event. 

    When you reserve your place, we’ll send you all the details about your fundraising milestones and we’ll be by your side the whole way to ensure you reach your goals. Plus, your deposit is refundable once you reach the full fundraising target (100%).

  • Once you’ve reached the first fundraising milestone, which is 75% of the full fundraising target (as we know some of your fundraising will happen as a result of you completing the event), you will automatically be issued a code which you can apply on the official website of your chosen event to finalise your entry. The code ensures your entry checkout on the official website is free of charge; please note that some add ons offered by your event may be charged but are not mandatory. These add ons and prices are not defined by realbuzz and are owned by your chosen event. 
  • Your place is only guaranteed if you reach the first fundraising milestones for the event (this is your minimum fundraising target  and is 75% of the total fundraising target shown). At the point of hitting this fundraising milestone, you’ll be issued with an entry code which you can use to complete registration on your chosen event’s official website. If you don’t achieve this 75% milestone at least 30 days before the registration for your event officially closes, you will not receive your code to complete entry. When you achieve the full fundraising target, your holding deposit is deemed refundable - this deposit is refunded fourteen days after your event takes place. Realbuzz will support you all the way with fundraising ideas and advice to help you to hit your goals and secure your entry. 
  • If you choose to run for your own charity or cause, you’ll need to cover your own entry fee for the event and charity places cost more than general entry places as they are in shorter supply and specifically ring fenced for charities. Likewise, your place is guaranteed even when your chosen event is sold-out. If you choose to run for a run with realbuzz Partner Charity, these charities are officially partnered with us and therefore have already agreed to cover your entry fees to guarantee you a place in your chosen event, in return for you reaching the minimum fundraising target. These charities aren’t charged any up front fees. 
  • You can choose to enter whichever events you wish and you can choose to fundraise for different charities per event. You should allow yourself ample time to train and fundraise when considering the logistics of entering multiple events. If you are fundraising for different charities, you will require a separate fundraising page per event. 
  • In the case of being unable to run your event, your deposit is not refundable. If you are running for your own cause or charity, your entry package fee is not refundable as standard but requests for refunds will be dealt with on a case by case basis. In both cases, your place can be deferred to a different, equivalent event (same distance) if there is a suitable one for your circumstances or deferred the same event for the following year, subject to availability. If you are not able to run due to medical circumstances, you may be asked to provide evidence from your doctor or practitioner. To discuss your options, contact our team at runner@realbuzz.com. You can also find our full refund policy here.
  • You can see our full refund policy here. Your holding deposit is refundable as standard if you reach the full fundraising target, which can be found on the event information page. This will be refunded fourteen days after your chosen event takes place.
  • Our partner events are events we work with directly to secure places for runners to run in support of our partner charities and, in many cases, their own charities. Affiliated events are events that we collaborate with indirectly to offer our runners places but in this case we do not work with the event directly and therefore do not own the entries available. This also means that the application process may differ to the typical ‘run with realbuzz’ process and you will have different charity options to choose from. Affiliated events application processes are fully vetted by us before being listed on the runwithrealbuzz.com site but all queries relating to your application would be directed to the affiliated event partner in question. 
  • the difference?
    For some of our larger events we run what is called the Official Charity Programme for the race, partnering with charities so they can secure a set amount of places in the event and build a team of supporters. These team places are often in high demand and as the charity has purchased the entries ‘upfront’, there is an application process so they can vet and choose their team. The ‘run with realbuzz’ programme, where you as the runner can reserve your entry directly with a fully refundable holding deposit, was designed so that charities of any size can get involved. You choose your event and your charity and they cover your entry package fee only when you complete your fundraising goal. 
  • We advise you to allow the charity you have applied for a window of time to review your application and get in touch to let you know whether you’ve made it onto their team, before you apply to run with realbuzz. Charities will vet your application within 3 - 4 weeks of its submission. Your holding deposit is only refundable for a period of 28 days after purchase (the ‘Cooling off period’) and thereafter is only refundable as per our refund policy, once you reach the full fundraising target, as started on the event information page. [Please see our refund policy here.]
  • The most important next step after reserving a place in one of our events is to set up your fundraising page and share your fundraiser as widely as possible to drive donations. Instructions and next steps will be included in your welcome and confirmation email once you’ve reserved your place. Many of our charities have preferred fundraising platforms which will be linked directly in your welcome email - using their preferred platform means your donations will automatically go to the charity, via the platform, without any administration required from you.

    Realbuzz does not handle any donation money but will support you with guidance and ideas throughout your fundraising journey. 
  • We welcome charities of all sizes and causes to become a partner of the ‘run with realbuzz’ programme. Charities can sign up here.
  • When you reserve a place in any of the run with realbuzz events, a free account is generated for you. You’ll receive an email immediately after you sign up asking you to verify your email which finalises account set up. You log in using the email you registered with. Within this dashboard you’ll see the status of any of your entries and, when you reach your 75% fundraising milestone, your unique entry code for your chosen event will be here for you to use. 
  • As you complete your fundraising on a separate platform but we ask that you share your fundraising URL with us, the dashboard is only updated every seven days to reflect your total fundraising amount. That means that before this refresh, your fundraising page may show a higher amount than your dashboard but this will be resynced. 
  • You can run any of our events as a team, subject to availability of places. Each runner simply reserves a place individually then you can set up your fundraiser with a joint fundraising target. In this case it doesn’t matter how much each individual raises as long as the total amount fundraised is equivalent to each member of your team reaching the minimum 75% fundraising milestone, in order for us to release each runner's unique entry code. Once the total amount raised is equal to each runner in the team reaching the full fundraising target for the event, each runner’s deposit is deemed refundable and will be refunded fourteen days after the chosen event takes place, as per our refund policy. If you are running as a team, please let us know the names of those running in your team by emailing runner@realbuzz.com

Superhalfs Series

  • Realbuzz is the Official Charity Programme Partner of the SuperHalfs Series - that means we provide individual entries and full series entries [(SuperCharity Voucher)] for the SuperHalfs half marathons: Lisbon, Prague, Berlin, Copenhagen, Cardiff and Valencia Halfs.
  • You can access the SuperCharity Voucher for £175 / €200 as a refundable holding deposit, but you also need to commit to raising the fundraising target for the Series which is £1,950 / €2,245. This is the total fundraising target across all events in the Series, so you have the same amount of time to raise the fundraising target as you do to run the series, the full 60 months. 

    For every  £300 / €375 raised you will be given an entry code into your chosen event, so you can complete in any order that you like. Or indeed if you wanted to raise the full £1,950 / €2,245 in one go, then that is fine and you will be issued all 6 entry codes at the same time. You’ll receive full fundraising support and guidance from realbuzz throughout your ‘SuperJourney’ – we’re experts in charity running and fundraising and we’re with you every step of the way. 

  • As the SuperCharity Voucher includes six charity entries across the six SuperHalfs events, these places are specifically allocated for charity runners therefore in order to complete the Series and unlock all your unique entry codes, you need to reach the fundraising target for the event otherwise your further entries are not guaranteed. 

  • If you already have a general entry place in one or more of the SuperHalfs events, we recommend that you secure the rest of your required entries via the individual charity entry route. You can reserve your entry directly here for the [Lisbon, Prague, Berlin, Copenhagen, Cardiff and Valencia Half Marathon] events. You’ll have a fundraising target for each event. 
  • Yes! Even if you already have your own place in a SuperHalfs event, our partner charities would love to have you on their fundraising teams. This is what’s called an ‘own place runner’.  Your chosen charity will still provide you with all the support you need to fundraise. As you already have a place in an event, this won’t use up one of the charity’s limited guaranteed entries, meaning your charity can add even more runners to their fundraising team. You’ll see the option to apply to run as an ‘own place runner’ [here. ]
  • We empower and support your team to take on charity running challenges at major destination events across the globe. They'll get active, raise vital funds and help to deliver against your organisation ESG goals. For teams of ten and up, your organisation chooses the destination event and the charity you'd like to support from our extensive list of registered charity partners. 
    You agree on the number of entries. As the charity secures their entries through us, for
    each entry your organisation needs to make a fundraising commitment, amount dependent on the event - 100% of all fundraising goes to your chosen charity. We provide runner management technology, internal communications toolkits and fundraising and training support along with guaranteed entry for your employee team in many of the world's most in-demand events. 

  • No, across all our entry packages, the full amount raised goes to the charity, barring any platform fees associated with the fundraising platform used, and is separate from the entry package fees for each runner from your organisation.  

  • There are different partnership options if you already have an official charity your organisation supports - this won’t preclude you from working with us to get your team active and raise vital funds for your chosen cause. Contact our ]Partnerships Team] today to discuss how this works. 

  • As we work with a range of globally renowned events but all entries are managed through our seamless runner management system, you can choose to offer your employees the option to run in either one event or several - whatever best suits your needs or locations - without the admin! [View our full list of events here.]

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