Here’s our top ten tips for maximising your fundraiser including crafting a compelling fundraising page.

Set clear goals: Define specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals. For instance, aim to raise a certain amount of money within a set period and be sure to set reminders for the different milestones so you can keep yourself on track.

Start early: online fundraising platforms regularly share that their most successful donors are the ones who set up a fundraising page and then share it within a few hours - getting started early builds momentum on your page and credibility for donors outside of your core network. 

Creating a descriptive fundraiser name: The name of your fundraiser, which will be the focal title of your online fundraising page, holds significance as it serves as the initial point of contact for potential supporters. It’s there to capture attention and convey the essence of your cause. A title should define the purpose and impact of your fundraiser, prompting individuals to explore further. It should be descriptive, concise, and emotionally engaging, offering a glimpse into the heart of your cause to entice potential donors.

Tell compelling stories: Share impactful stories that illustrate the cause's importance. Personal experience or testimonials from those impacted by the cause can resonate deeply with potential donors, showing them the real difference their contributions can make.

Leverage social media: Utilise the power of social media platforms by creating engaging content, such as videos, photos, and infographics, to tell your story. Regularly post updates on progress, share donor testimonials, and encourage followers to share your cause within their networks. You can also create a fundraiser directly on some social media channels, like Instagram, which can be linked in your bio. 

Host fundraising events: Offline activities are a great way to supercharge your fundraising and you can still load offline donations to your online fundraising page. Organise events that align with your cause and appeal to potential donors. Events like charity auctions, or community fun runs. They not only raise funds but also provide opportunities for people to engage directly with your cause.

Provide multiple donation channels: Offer diverse ways for donors to contribute, such as online fundraising platforms, social media, email and through in-person event collections. Ensure these channels are user-friendly and secure.

Consistently share progress updates for your fundraiser: Aim to post an update within the first seven days of starting and subsequently at regular intervals on significant milestones. These updates maintain donor engagement. 

Engage corporate organisations: You might work in a business that offers match funding or allows you to promote your cause on internal channels or you might know of a business that already supports your chosen cause who you can approach. 

Express gratitude: Show appreciation to donors and supporters. Acknowledge their contributions promptly and sincerely through personalised thank-you messages, and social media shoutouts.