Realbuzz celebrates the invaluable contributions of volunteers worldwide. Their dedication and passion make a difference, shaping a brighter future for us all. We’re particularly thankful to volunteers supporting our amazing charity partners and helping to make epic races happen, each and every year, for our event partners. 

Here are our top 5 reasons to volunteer at an endurance event: 

Be an integral part of the action: Volunteering isn't just observing from the sidelines; it's actively shaping the event. As a volunteer, you're right in the middle of the excitement, contributing directly to the success and energy of the marathon. Volunteers are critical to races continuing to provide epic running experiences to their participants, year on year. 

Connect with the running community: It's a chance to bond with fellow running enthusiasts, marathon organisers, and runners alike. The shared passion for running creates a unique camaraderie among volunteers.

Witness incredible moments: You'll witness the highs and lows, the determination, and the triumphs of every runner. Each finish line moment you help facilitate becomes a part of your own inspiring experience.

Learn and grow: Volunteering on race day offers valuable insights into event coordination, teamwork, and problem-solving. It's an opportunity for personal growth while supporting a cause you believe in.

Fuel your own motivation: The energy and spirit of the marathon are infectious. Being part of it can ignite or reignite your own passion for fitness and inspire you to achieve your personal goals.

Also, many event organisers provide incentives to volunteer, such as a free race entry to one of their events or goodie bags.

Volunteering at a marathon isn't just about giving; it's about gaining an unforgettable and enriching experience that leaves a lasting impact, both on the event and on yourself.

To get started with volunteering for an event, there is often an application form or dedicated 'contact us' option on the event's website.