Top 10 Ways To Escape The Christmas Mayhem

Festive Season Tips

Top 10 Ways To Escape The Christmas Mayhem

Sometimes Christmas isn’t necessarily the happy enjoyable family occasion that it’s made out to be. However, there are ways and means of getting through the festive season without feeling too stressed or depressed.

Sometimes Christmas isn’t necessarily the happy enjoyable family occasion that it’s made out to be. However, there are ways and means of getting through the festive season without feeling too stressed or depressed.


Get away for Christmas

We’re not talking about running out on everyone; instead, you could consider getting away with your nearest and dearest and let someone else take the strain of organising your Christmas. Going on a short break can help you to avoid constant demands on your time from other people – and if you let someone else (a hotel or restaurant for example) be responsible for feeding you all, then that will take a large part of the headache away, leaving you free to enjoy yourself!


Go ice skating

Why not plan a spot of ice skating? Depending on your location, this could be on either a natural or artificial surface, and indoor or outdoor. Ice skating can be a great way to savor the festive atmosphere, as it will usually be surrounded by festive lights and scenery at this time of year – plus it will ensure that everyone gets some good exercise and will be nicely tired out by the time you all get back home. It will also help you to burn off those excess calories from all the mince pies and Christmas cake!



Outdoor walks during the festive season are a great opportunity to get out there either on your own or with your family. While many other people are sitting around and watching yet another festive TV offering, you could take the bold step of getting out and about. Simply pack a few turkey sandwiches for lunch, wrap up warm, and away you go! If you have them, take your kids with you as well, as they’ll enjoy it and it will give them the chance to burn off some of their energy.


Indoor ice climbing

It may or may not be icy outside, but you can enjoy ice climbing due to an increasing number of indoor ice-climbing walls. Ice climbing indoors is done in a huge room cooled by freezers, which cause sheets of ice to form on the walls. It’s all relatively safe as you will be safely roped to the top of your climbing wall. You will then be free to lodge your ice axes into the wall and make your way up. Indoor ice climbing is great for beginners and also climbers who wish to brush up on their skills. Check out our other ideas for indoor activities.


See the Christmas lights

Why not take a walk or drive around the local area and check out the Christmas light displays? Some of your neighbors probably put on some fantastic displays, but because they happen to live just slightly off your normal route it may mean you don’t usually see them. Take along a warming flask of drinks (or even your favourite tipple) to enjoy as you check out all the homes and shops with different decorations in your neighborhood.


Plan a seasonal outing

The festive season is a great chance to get out and attend a pantomime, free concert or other activity put on at a local theater, community center, library or shopping center. A seasonal outing is an opportunity to get out of the house and enjoy a change of scenery – so why not plan an outing and let someone else do the entertaining as you take a back seat and relax?


Take in a spa

With the excesses of the Christmas period taking their toll on you both mentally and physically, it makes sense to take some time out and give your body a chance to recover. So, take yourself along to a spa for the day and enjoy a sauna, steam, massage and all the other spa and beauty treatments on offer. As well as making you more relaxed, this will also have you looking and feeling your best for all those parties you may have to see your way through during the festive period.


Take in some sporting action

The festive season is traditionally the time of the year when lots of sports have plenty of fixtures crammed into a relatively short period of time – so it’s a good opportunity to get out and take in some of the action. Why not go along to see some Boxing Day football, rugby, or even cricket (depending on your location)? Going out to voice your support for your own particular team is a great way to get out and let off some steam.


Go golfing at Christmas

The golf course is one of the few places where you can escape for some peace and quiet, as there’s no way your family will want to be trailing around with you in the cold for a full 18 holes of golf! Just grab your golf bag, put on something warm and waterproof, and head out for some great hitting fun – all in tranquil surroundings. If the weather should prove to be a touch too severe, however, then you could always go off and hit some balls under cover at the driving range instead.


Running at Christmas

Just because it’s Christmas it doesn’t mean you have to neglect your running training if you’re doing any. In fact, Christmas is probably the time when your calorie intake is at its greatest – so it pays to burn it off! Believe it or not, there are still running events held over the festive period – and a Boxing Day run or even a New Year midnight run are real possibilities, provided you can haul yourself up after everything you’ve eaten!

Enjoy yourself…

At Christmas, instead of just sitting there feeling the tension building, try to put your energy into creating opportunities which allow you to escape the usual mayhem. By doing some of the activities we’ve suggested here, you should be well on your way to enjoying your festive season more!