We’re all guilty of it - getting stuck in a workout rut, completing the same routine at the gym or religiously attending the same classes week after week. But if you want to inject some fun and excitement back into your workouts, take a look at these five fitness trends you need to try.

1. SkyRobics

Anyone who has ever been on a trampoline knows how much fun it can be. But luckily for us bouncing on trampolines is more than just fun. Combined with a number of different techniques and movements, it can provide an exciting and effective workout. SkyRobics takes place in a trampoline park, so instead of just sticking to your own trampoline, you will travel across rows performing different manoeuvres.

According to research from NASA, bouncing on a trampoline for 10 minutes is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging and given the choice, we know which we would rather be doing. SkyRobics is a low impact activity that anyone can complete and the fitness benefits of the trend include improving your overall coordination, flexibility , agility, balance and spacial awareness. The activity can also burn as many as 1000 calories an hour, making it an extremely effective workout.


If you like your workouts to be based around dance and let’s be honest, who doesn’t? Then SH’BAM is for you. Each 45-minute session features 12 current and classic chart hits, each with their own individually choreographed routine. At the start of the session, instructors will take you through a warm-up to get everything moving and the body prepared for the energising workout.

Creators of the trend insist that the moves are uncomplicated and simple, so even the most rhythmically challenged among us can enjoy SH’BAM. The average person burns approximately 510 calories per class, making this an excellent fat burning workout, as well as a fun exercise option.  

3. Surfset fitness

This is an exciting workout that blows your normal gym routine out of the water... literally. Surfset fitness draws inspiration from the movements of surfing , providing a high intensity workout with enormous fat burning potential. Each class is around 45 minutes in duration, with the manoeuvres performed on a six foot long surfboard that sits on top of three balance balls to mimic the feeling of surfing a wave.

Surfers are extremely fit athletes and movements carried out in the classes help you to gain some of the fitness benefits of the sport. The people behind Surfset believe that the muscles cannot be worked in isolation, so the classes provide a full body workout that builds balance, core stability, power and agility.

4. Bokwa Fitness

The footwork in this fun fitness trend might look complicated, but in fact, the moves of Bokwa are really simple. The fancy footwear on display is actually just participants drawing numbers and letters on the floor with their feet, to the rhythm of the music. Once you get used to drawing with your feet you can add your own rhythmic twist to the music, dancing with your arms and adding in hip movements.

Bokwa Fitness is a cardio dance class that combines step aerobics, hip hop and South African style dance. The fast paced class improves endurance, balance and can burn an impressive 1200 calories per session.

5. Obstacle workouts

They might not be everyone’s idea of fun, but if you are a bit of an adrenaline junkie looking for a challenge, obstacle workouts will be right up your street. The aim of the obstacle events is to push participants to their limits. They are designed to be physically tough, muddy and mentally difficult.

Some of the most popular obstacle workouts include the Spartan Race, Dirty Dash and Tough Mudder. Usually, the races have strong military influences (see, we told you they were tough) but that’s not to say that you can’t have fun completing the events - especially if you do so with a team of people. To take on an obstacle event , good all round fitness levels are needed to tackle challenges that might include: crawling through muddy tunnels, jumping into pools of ice water and hauling yourself over high walls.

Picture Credit: dboystudio / Shutterstock.com