There are lots of things we do every single day that ruin our looks, to make sure you stay looking pretty and fresh-faced, we have put together a guide of the top 5 habits that have a daily negative affect.

1. Sleeping can ruin your looks

Although every princess needs her beauty sleep, sleeping could be causing your skin to age unnecessarily. The problem with sleeping is not the process itself but it lies with your pillowcase. Surprisingly your pillowcase can draw moisture away from you and this can age skin. It can also leave unattractive lines over your face.

To combat your pillowcase problem dermatologists recommend you invest in a silk pillow cover. Silk contains amino acids, similar to those found in our moisturisers, so when we rest our heads for the night our skin is not losing any essential moisture. Problem solved.  

2. Applying makeup can be bad for your skin

In the UK the average woman uses 12 beauty products a day, yet these beauty products could be ruining your looks rather than improving your appearance. When we apply our face creams and foundation, most of us are guilty of doing so with our fingers. Although using your fingers is fine, how many of us clean our hands before doing so? Some of us may wash hands before applying makeup in the morning or the night, but not so many do so when they do the odd touch-up job.

This is bad news for our skin. Our fingers harbour bacteria and applying your products in this way causes bacteria to be transferred to you face, which can cause infection and spots. To prevent blemishes and still use your favourite beauty products make sure you use a hand sanitizer before applying your face creams or use makeup brushes.

3. Drinking water through a bottle or straw can age you

Although drinking water can help improve the way we look by nourishing our skin, the way we actually drink can make us look terrible. Using bottles or straws to drink is something most of us do every single day, but did you know that drinking through a bottle or straw can age our skin? Drinking in this way can give us the same lines and wrinkles around our mouths that smoking causes. If you want to stay looking young and wrinkle-free it’s time you bought a glass to get your daily water fix and ditched the bottles and the straws.

4. Talking can be bad for your skin

If talking was an Olympic sport, we’d all be gold medallists by now and although we love kicking back and relaxing on our phones and chatting to our friends, your skin doesn’t. 

Think about the places we leave our phones. We leave them on café tabletops, in the drinks holder of our car and on the seat in changing rooms. We leave our phones on shop countertops, we lend our phones to our friends and even leave them on the side in the public bathroom when we wash our hands.  

When you think about your phone in this way, it’s not surprising that phones can cause spots and blemishes. To combat this problem use antibacterial wipes and be a little bit more mindful where you leave your phone next time you’re out and about.

5. Washing your hair can damage it

If you want to look hot and feel good the very least you need to do is keep clean, right? Well, although basic hygiene is obviously a vital part of your beauty regime you have to choose your products carefully. Within most shampoos and hair conditioners you will find a foaming chemical called sodium laureth sulphate.

Although commonly used, this chemical can damage your hair , your skin and your health. The Hair Loss Control Clinic explain that sodium laureth sulphate can even cause your hair growth cycle to decline and suggest the chemical can prolong your hair loss phase. So to keep your hair thick and luscious, choose products that do not contain this chemical, like organic shampoos and conditioners.