Looking to clean up your diet? How about setting yourself the target of eating healthier for a month in order to feel better about yourself. Our advice and handy printables can help you get organised and achieve that.


So what is clean eating?

At its simplest it’s about eating whole foods that are unprocessed or minimally processed so you are eating them as close to their natural form. It’s about cutting back on the refined grain, additives, preservatives, unhealthy fats and added salt and sugar that make your foods less healthy options.

What types of food should I be eating?

Our Clean Eating Shopping List can help provide you with a good idea of the fruits, grains and good carbs, healthy fats, vegetables, proteins, seasonings and condiments that you should ideally choose when trying to improve your diet.

View the PDF  which contains suggested food ideas for each food group - you can then print it off and pin on your fridge at home or carry with you every time you go food shopping, so you'll never be short of ideas of what to buy. Of course, the list isn't exhaustive, so don't feel you have to restrict yourself to just those things on the list. Feel free to find other ideas and add them to the list too.

Go food shopping

Armed with the knowledge of some the types of food you should be eating, you can then use the blank version of the Clean Eating Shopping List to select the types of food that appeal and you are wanting to buy on your next food shop. This way you'll have a clear idea that you're shopping for a good range of healthy food types.

View as PDF

Plan your meals

Using all the good foods you have stocked up on you can start to plan out your meals for the next few weeks. Use the Weekly Meal Planner so you know well in advance what you’re having for breakfast, lunch, dinner, including any snacks.

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Clean eating meal and snack ideas

If you are still struggling for clean eating food inspiration then the following articles will help, each containing 5 great ideas:

Clean eating breakfast ideas

Clean eating lunch ideas

Clean eating dinner ideas

Clean eating snacks ideas

Need a week’s worth of clean eating meals ideas?

If you are wanting a full week of clean eating meals mapped out for you then check out How to eat clean for a week . For each day there’s a suggestion of what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack over the course of a week.

Get started on clean eating today

Loaded up with all this good advice, what’s stopping you now? Get printing, planning and food shopping to stock up with all those good wholesome foods that will get you back on track with clean eating.