Is bread healthy? Well, bread gets bad press in the weight loss industry with low-carb eating plans dominating the diet market. However, there there are many types of bread that are healthy and can easily be included in a healthy eating plan.

We have tried, tasted and chosen our top five healthy breads, so even if you are cutting your carbs you can still indulge in your daily bread. But what makes healthy bread? Here are five of the healthiest breads that have met the following healthy bread criteria.  

Healthy bread must …  

1. Have healthy ingredients. If bread contains hydrogenated oils or other unhealthy components, it's not healthy, regardless of carbohydrates or calories.  

2. Be wholegrain. Foods that are made with wholegrains are better for us — pure and simple.  

Here are the top five healthy breads:  

1. Spelt bread

Spelt is an ancient type of wheat that originates from the Middle East and has recently become more and more popular on the healthy eating circuit due to its low gluten levels. Spelt bread has a characteristically nutty flavor and due to its substantial texture can make you feel fuller quicker and for longer.  

2. Lavash bread

Lavash is a soft, thin flatbread of Armenian origin made with simply flour, water and salt. Lavash bread is versatile too in that it can be eaten soft or crunchy. It’s soft when just baked and warm but quickly crisps up to cracker consistency, perfect if you want to satisfy your hunger with a hearty crunch.  

3. Turkish flatbread

Although usually served as the unhealthy wrapper for a greasy kebab, Turkish flatbread makes the top five healthy breads due to its low calories and versatility. Turkish bread can be baked, stuffed or grilled and if you crave a substantial sarnie at lunch opting for a Turkish wrap will cut your carbs but still satisfy a hearty hunger.

4. Rye bread

Rye bread is made with flour from rye grain and depending grain selected can be light or dark. The main characteristic of rye bread is that it is denser than your average bread made from wheat flour and is much higher in fiber too. Rye bread is also low in saturated fat, contains no cholesterol and is high in manganese, selenium and thiamine.

5. Markouk bread

Markouk is also known as village bread, and is a large, flat, rectangular bread very popular in Mediterranean countries. Made from unbleached flour and baked on a unique dome hot plate gives Markouk a light delicate characteristic. Markouk is a great light bread alternative; perfect to serve hot or cold with a healthy dip.