Don’t be deterred from strutting your stuff on the dancefloor - here’s our beginner's guide to dance classes.

Learning to dance is fun and the opportunities for taking a dance class have never been greater. In addition to specialised dance studios, your local gym or community centre will likely offer dance classes and there are a range of classes also available online.

Obviously the type of class you take will depend on what style of dance you want to learn and what opportunities are available in your local area. From ballroom to bhangra, folk to flamenco and Latin to line dancing, there’s so many dance options.

Any dance class should also take into account your abilities. Even a beginner class will be full of people of varying abilities – but that’s a good thing as you can learn from one another. Remember, everyone was a beginner once.

Dance Studios

It’s likely that only the most keen or confident dancer is going to consider entering a dance studio to learn a new form of dance. But don’t think that it’s going to be like being put through your paces as if you are auditioning for a West End or Broadway musical. Many studios will offer a free introductory class before you make any sort of commitment to attending dance classes, so go along and make sure the class is at your level, and that the instructor is to your liking.

Dance classes in the gym

In recent years, more and more gyms have been turned on to the idea that dance is not only great exercise, but also a great way of them getting customers through the doors. Some gyms therefore offer dance classes in addition to their standard fitness classes. You’ll find many variations but it’s worth bearing in mind that the emphasis may be more on working your cardiovascular system rather than focusing on technique. It’s always worth taking a trial session to find out.

Dance classes at community centres and other clubs

Many community centres and other clubs offer dance classes that are largely social events aimed at bringing people together with a common interest – dance. They are likely to be less intimidating, especially if you are someone new to dance. They are a great way to get a taste of a certain dance style before committing to regular dance lessons.

Online dance classes

As with anything these days, if you want to learn something new, then chances are you’ll find it on the web. There are thousands of instructional dance videos available online, which vary in the quality of instruction. Some will be from professional dance instructors while others will be provided by anyone who’s just keen to show off what they can do. Remember, when learning from video, you don’t have anyone to correct your mistakes, but it won’t cost you a thing and you can build up your confidence in the privacy of your own home.

Learning to dance need not be as nerve-wracking as you might expect. With all the different options available you should be able to find a method of dance instruction that suits your dancing ability and confidence levels, so there’s no reason not to get dancing.