Kite Surfing Hotspots

Looking for prime spots for kite surfing? Check out our list of the most popular sites in the UK and abroad.

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There are many kite surfing hotspots dotted around the UK and abroad, offering surfers the chance to enjoy some exercise in beautiful locations. Here's a quick guide to a few you may wish to investigate further in your own kite surfing adventures.

Kite surfing in the UK

There are plenty of kite surfing spots all over the UK that are surfed year-round depending on conditions and wind direction. Although some people surf on large inland lakes, kite surfing mainly takes place just off the beach, particularly where there is an onshore breeze and shallow water.

Kite surfing centres are popping up all the time. Watergate Bay in Cornwall and Pool Harbour are the most popular locations in England. In Scotland popular places include Tiree, Isle of Lewis, Troon, Nairn, Elie and Longniddry.

Kite surfing hotspots abroad

Hurghada on the Egyptian Red Sea is one of the fastest-growing destinations for kite surfers, as it’s windy, warm and provides a safe environment for riders. It is also less expensive than areas such as the Caribbean.

Tarifa in Southern Spain, which has always been a Mecca for windsurfers, is the prime European kite surfing location. Some tour companies have begun to offer specific kite surfing holidays. Doing a bit of online research is always recommended, as there’s loads of factors that may influence your preferred location, such as weather and other surfers.