The Handball Court

Check out our quick overview on the rules and dimensions of a handball court, for both men and women.

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Before you start out playing handball, brush up on the basics, including the dimensions of the court and the ball used.

  • The handball court — measures 40m x 20m (131.25ft x 65.62ft).
  • The handball goal — 2m (6.56ft) tall and 3m (9.84ft) wide.
  • 6m line — the dividing line between goalkeepers and the rest of the players.
  • 7m line — where penalty shots are taken following fouls on players with a clear shooting chance on goal.
  • 9m line — an arcing dotted line extending from the goal. It marks where an attacking team resumes play after being fouled inside the line. Also known as the ‘free-throw line’.
  • Halfway line — where the game is started from at the beginning of the game and after half-time, and also for restarting after a goal is scored.
  • Substitution line — where players must leave the court when a substitution is made.
  • Goal area in handball — the area in which the goalkeeper operates. Players can jump in this area so long as they release the ball before they land.

Handball court dimensions

The handball

  • For the men’s game: the ball is 58 to 60cm (22.83 to 23.62in) in circumference and is 425 to 475g (15 to 16.75oz) in weight.
  • For the women’s game: the ball is 54 to 56cm (21.25 to 22.05in) in circumference and is 325 to 375g (11.46 to 13.23oz) in weight.

For more on the basics of the game check out the rules of handball.

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