Get familiar with the dimensions of tennis court and its serving and in play areas by checking out our guide to the traditional singles and doubles tennis courts.

The area of the court used in tennis is determined by whether you are playing a singles (1 v 1) or doubles (2 v 2) match.

Tennis court dimensions and markings

The singles tennis court is 78ft long (23.77m) and divided in half by the net suspended over the tops of two posts. The net should be 3ft (91cm) high at its centre. The singles tennis court is 27ft wide (8.23m).

The doubles tennis court has an additional width of 4.5ft (1.4m). The doubles tennis court includes the 'tramlines' along either side court which increases the width to 36ft (11m).

All other elements of the court are the same for both singles and doubles tennis:

  • The tennis court is edged by sidelines and a baseline at the end.
  • The service area is marked by a line 21ft (6.4m) from the net and parallel to it.
  • The service area is divided in half to form the two service boxes.
  • If any part of the ball hits the line, it's judged to be in or 'good'.