Just getting started in squash? Check out our top 10 beginner squash tips and get honing your squash skills and game tactics.

  1. Use the corners and side walls of the court as much as possible as it's difficult for your squash opponent to get a good return back the closer it is to the wall.
  2. Never take your eye off the ball. This is for two reasons; one so you make sure you return properly and two for your health. The ball will be moving quickly and it can hurt!
  3. Wear eye protection. Getting hit anywhere is bad news, but in the eyes could be particularly damaging so get some decent eye protection!
  4. Don't start the game too quickly. Normally courts are booked for an hour and the last 15 minutes will feel like hours if you don't pace yourself.
  5. Do as little running around as possible by positioning yourself in the centre of the court whenever you can. Make your opponent do all the chasing.
  6. Vary your game by mixing up your shot selection. Use the drop shot; you don't always have to hit the ball as hard as you can.
  7. In between shots, where possible, try and make your way back to the ‘T’. This is the best possible position to be in preparation for your next shot.
  8. Join a squash league; they are not as intimidating as they sound! If you continue to play the same opponent your game can become stale, a league will provide a variety of opponents to enhance your game.
  9. Remember to warm up. As squash is demanding from the outset, testing both your stamina and agility; it is important to make sure your body is prepared. This also applies to the ball; trying to play with a cold ball is almost impossible.
  10. Always take an extra towel. During a tough game the court floor can become fairly wet. Therefore, to avoid any accidents mop up as you go!