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Family Challenge (6 people) from

Stay at Home Series

Family Challenge (6 people) from


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  • EU - £5.00
  • Rest of the world - £5.00
£65.00 Inc. VAT/Sales tax
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🌈 This package includes SIX medals 🌈


(if you require more medals for your family, please select the required package from our listings page)


We’re spreading a message of positivity and hope by challenging the world to stay fit and healthy at home while supporting local healthcare workers.


While everyone is staying at home, it’s so important to keep active with exercise as much as possible. Now you can get the whole family moving, with our Virtual Family Fitness Challenge. You and your family will take part in a variety of fitness challenges over the course of 30 days, including star jumps, squats, press-ups, steps and the plank. At the end of it we’ll send each family member a high quality medal to show off what you’ve achieved.


Plus, you’ll get a cumulative step goal for all of the family to complete every day - which of you will be able to do the most steps?!


Here’s how it works:


• Download your print-ready 30-day training guide that shows you the exercises you should all try and do every day, plus a cumulative step goal for the family

• A separate one is available per family member, split into the following age categories (Under 5's, 5-10, 11-16 and 16+)

• Tick off your progress each day on the tracker included on your training plan

• Send us your completed tracker when you’ve finished the challenge

• We’ll send all of your medals to you!


(medal design subject to revisions and these will be delivered as soon as we can - taking into account some of the challenges the World is currently facing…..).


♦♦ Training plan ♦♦


Our training plans are designed to get the whole family fitter and healthier over the next 30 days. This is a challenge suitable for all age groups, and you don’t need to worry about sticking to the exact exercises every day. It’s more about keeping moving, staying active, and making it fun!


All of the exercise targets can be achieved over the course of the day - we’d recommend doing a few in the morning, and some in the evening. Whatever works for you and your family!




Under 5's






♦♦ Evidence upload♦♦


You’ll use your training plan to record your progress along the way. Once you’ve finished the challenge, send us your completed training log as proof and we’ll send your medals out to you.


£25.00 from your entry will go to your local health authority (NHS in the UK), so you’ll be supporting your local health-care heroes who are doing so much for us all in these uncertain times.


In 90 days’ time we will award a £10,000 fitness grant to the community that has submitted the most completed challenges per % of their population.



Medal size 70mm x 5mm
Ribbon width 20mm