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British Lung Foundation Press Up Challenge

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British Lung Foundation Press Up Challenge


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Without access to a gym it can be hard to work your chest, triceps and biceps. Thankfully press ups are a great exercise for all of those muscles. If you gradually increase the number of reps you can do, you’ll make noticeable gains and feel much stronger in your chest and arms. Once you’ve reached the milestone of 50 press-ups in a day, you’ll qualify for this amazing medal to commemorate your achievement. 


Training plan


Download your free 30-day press-up training plan for all the tips you need to build up to doing 50 press-ups in a day. As well as advice on how to do a perfect press-up, it also gives you a day-by-day break down of what you should be doing, including rest days.


Evidence upload 


You’ll use your 30-day press-up training plan to record your progress along the way. Once you’ve finished the challenge, send us your completed training log as proof and we’ll send your medal out to you.


British Lung Foundation Charity Place:

Registration fee - £15 (non-refundable)
There is No Minimum Fundraising Target


Asthma UK Charity Place:

Registration fee - £15 (non-refundable)
There is No Minimum Fundraising Target

Through our partnership with Asthma UK, please click here to take part in this challenge for them.



If you have any questions about signing up for this event please do not hesitate to contact our Events Team on 020 7688 6022
or email [email protected].

Please note that this event is not organised by British Lung Foundation.


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They will not sell your data to third-parties. You can change your preferences at any time by calling the British Lung Foundation Supporter Care Team on 020 7688 6022 or emailing [email protected]. Their full privacy policy describes how they use your information.