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SuperHalfs Virtual Half Marathon

"An extraordinary running series for ordinary runners"

SuperHalfs Virtual Half Marathon


  • UK - €5.00
  • EU - €5.00
  • Rest of the world - €5.00
€15.00 Inc. VAT/Sales tax
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Complete the event between 1st June 2020 - 30th September 2020

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The SuperHalfs Virtual Half Marathon is your chance to get a taste of the SuperHalfs experience from home.


With events around the world being cancelled or postponed, this is the perfect chance to put your training to good use. All ability levels are welcome, and you can either complete the distance in one go, or in multiple runs that add up to the full distance. That means this is a challenge that can easily be completed in your garden, or even in your home. Once you’ve submitted your evidence, you’ll be sent an exclusive SuperHalfs Virtual Half Marathon medal in the post.


This is a high quality medal made with premium materials that you’ll be proud to display!


(medal design subject to revisions and these will be delivered as soon as we can - taking into account some of the challenges the World is currently facing…..).



Taking part is easy


  • Enter the SuperHalfs Virtual Half Marathon
  • Run the Half Marathon distance between JUNE 1st and SEPTEMBER 30th
  • Run in one go or in a combination of smaller runs
  • Submit your evidence 
  • Email us a selfie to [email protected] and claim your virtual finisher photo
  • Receive your SuperHalfs Virtual Half Marathon medal in the post


Example finisher photo



Does it matter where I run?


You can run wherever you like, as long as you follow the relevant guidelines from your local health authority. If you would prefer to complete the distance indoors on a treadmill, that is fine.


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Training Camp


We’ve teamed up with our Training Partner to provide a free virtual training programme, to help you prepare for your half marathon.


Included in the programme are training guides, unlockable training badges, social media certificates and more. We cannot race together just yet - but through our virtual training programme we can run together and share our experiences with the SuperHalfs online community.


There are unlockable training badges for 5K, 10K, 15K and 21.2K (half marathon) as well as social media profile picture templates, so you can show others you are part of the community!


Please click here for further information.


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What is SuperHalfs?


SuperHalfs is a new event series launched by the organisers of the Lisbon, Prague, Copenhagen, Cardiff and Valencia Half Marathons. It’s a race that starts in one city and ends in another, allowing participants to combine their love of running and travel in one unforgettable experience.


After completing the first race on the SuperHalfs calendar, participants will receive a SuperPassport and from then on after each race, an e-stamp will appear on this virtual and personalized ‘document’. All communications will be digital and runners have 36 months to complete the series to be in line to become a SuperRunner.


Find out more on the official SuperHalfs website.



Medal size 70mm x 74mm
Ribbon width 20mm
Weight 70g