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Cycle 25 Miles 25 Mile Cycling Challenge


  • UK - Free
  • EU - £5.00
  • Rest of the world - £5.00
£12.50 Inc. VAT/Sales tax
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The 25 Mile Cycling Challenge brings together cyclists from all over the world in a race that starts and finishes wherever you choose.


25 miles is a milestone for many beginner cyclists. Whatever your ability level, once you’ve cycled the distance and submitted your evidence you’ll earn this stunning medal as a lasting memento of your achievement. 


You can either submit evidence for multiple rides that equal your Virtual Event distance overall, or cycle the whole distance at once.


This is a high quality medal made with premium materials that you’ll be proud to display!


(medal design subject to revisions and these will be delivered as soon as we can - taking into account some of the challenges the World is currently facing…..).