Virtual Events

The world is your finish line

What are virtual events

Simply complete the distance wherever you like at your own pace. Run, walk or even do it on a treadmill. Record your run on the myrealbuzz app or your favourite running app or watch, and then upload your evidence. It's that easy - as soon as your evidence has been approved, we’ll post your medal directly to you and immortalise your achievement.

Choose your first virtual event now to get started and give your running a new-found focus.

Because when it comes to running in events, race day is only half the story.

How does it work

A Virtual Event is an activity you undertake in a location of your choosing and allows you to claim a medal for what you’ve achieved, whether you complete it alone or with friends. You can run, walk or even treadmill your way to glory.

1. Join a virtual event

Choose from the selection of different Virtual Events and then pay your entry fee to join that event.

2. Get out there and run

Complete the distance, and record it on the myrealbuzz app, your favourite running app, or a running watch.

3. Submit your evidence

Send us a screenshot of your evidence from your chosen app to prove you've run the distance.

4. Receive your medal in the post

Once your evidence has been approved, we'll post your medal out to you.

Still have questions see our FAQ’s