Spinning classes are a great way to increase your cardiovascular fitness, burn calories and build leg strength.

On top of this, the very action of sitting means spinning is a non-load bearing form of exercise, therefore has is a lower injury risk. Here is our guide to how you can get the most out of spinning classes.

1. Arrive early to your class

Getting to your class just 10 minutes before it starts gives you time to ensure your bike is set up correctly for your body. If you are a beginner your instructor can help you with this process. The easiest way to adjust your seat is to stand next to the bike with your feet flat on the floor and adjust the saddle so it is the same height as your hip bone. Once you are sat on the bike, there should be a slight 25-30 degree bend in the knee when the bottom of the pedal stroke is reached. Your handle-bar height should also mirror the height of the seat to allow maximum power output.

2. Wear a heart rate monitor

Many of the bikes used in spinning classes will have heart rate monitors fitted onto the handlebars of the bikes. It is easier to work out what intensity you should be training at based on percentages of your maximum heart rate. To predict your maximum heart rate, you should subtract your age from 220 if you are male, and 226 if you are female. Fat burning takes place when your heart rate is at around 65-75% of your maximum. Using a heart rate monitor during your spinning class is a good indicator of your performance and will, in the long run assist you in burning fat and losing weight.

3. Don’t compete with the rest of the class

Although the group dynamic of a spinning class can often make the exercise feel like a competition, this should not be the case. It might be tempting to try and keep up with others in the class, however it is important to set reasonable expectations for your own performance. If you complete a spinning class in relation to your specific ability, you are more likely to stick to the cycling programme and will ultimately see more results.

4. Listen to the music

Most spin classes will have music playing in the background. This is a good motivator, particularly if an instructor is playing music to your taste as this will release endorphins and make you want to train harder. Some instructors will also strategically plan their soundtracks so that the beats per minute of a song are selected to match with a target RPM, to help you get the most out of your session.

5. Work on your arms

Although the main priority of a spin class is to work on leg strength and cardiovascular fitness , you can also introduce targeted strength moves to work on your arms as well. Your arms do not just need to hold onto the handlebars during a class. If you are riding at a moderate pace and feel comfortable to let go of the handlebars, you can introduce bicep curls to your workout. Do 20 reps per arm by holding a two to three pound weight in each hand and bending your arm from the elbow.