1. Workout Clothing

With a bit of careful planning, taking extra clothing for your workouts need not mean doubling the weight of your suitcase. Simple and versatile items, that can be washed quickly and used for both daily wear and working out, are ideal.

For example, tops such as vest tanks, work well for men and women for any type of exercise and can be easily washed and quickly dried. Tanks can also be used as casual items, for example, paired with summer shorts.

For bottoms, leggings are great for women, for working out and then can also double up to be paired with a summer dress. For men, swim shorts work well to be both casual wear and for the pool or gym.

2. Running Shoes/Trainers

Running shoes or trainers are essential for every workout and therefore a crucial item to add to your holiday fitness gear.

In the past, trainers were plain and not the type of shoes you would want to pair with an outfit outside the gym. However, these days, training shoes are far more stylish. Shop around for some funky fashionable trainers that you can double up to be worn with a casual holiday outfit as well as being practical for your holiday workout.

3. Microfibre Pack Towel

You won't want to use your beach towel for your workout but taking two towels adds a lot of weight and bulk. Instead, get yourself a microfibre pack towel. These towels come in varying sizes and pack down to an incredibly small size. They are super absorbent and fast-drying, making them a perfect addition to your holiday fitness gear.

4. Collapsible Refillable Water bottle

A reusable water bottle saves on plastic waste and means you can stay hydrated while you work out.

Even better, a collapsible water bottle allows you to save on weight and bulk. Collapsible water bottles are made of silicone and when filled make sturdy bottles. When empty, they can be rolled up and stored away in your suitcase. Like sports bottles, these come with a flip lid and a drinking spout. Shop around for one that matches your needs and style.

5. Yoga Paws

Although yoga mats can be lightweight, they are still rather large to pack for a holiday.

As a fantastic alternative, you could take a set of Yoga Paws. Yoga Paws are soft pads that slip onto your feet and hands and act like a yoga mat, allowing you to work out on any surface.

They are small and lightweight, making them a top essential item to help you keep up your fitness on holiday. Use Yoga Paws for a full-body yoga workout, or as protection for your hands and feet when completing your cool-down exercises.

6. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are the ideal holiday workout gear because they are so effective and yet so light and compact.

Resistance bands weigh almost nothing and are therefore very easy to pack in your suitcase. You can buy resistance bands cheaply and they are available in a variety of strengths and sizes.

 The versatility of these bands means that you can create a resistance workout with them to use through your time on holiday, helping you to stick to your goals and stay in shape.

7. Jump/skipping Rope

A skipping rope is an ideal addition to your holiday fitness gear, being both low cost and in taking up minimal space.

Skipping is a great cardiovascular workout, which will really get your heart pumping. Additionally, skipping is a fantastic muscle workout for your arms and legs.

Packing a skipping rope in your suitcase will give you a great way to maintain your holiday fitness that's both fun and effective.

8. TRX Bands

For the ultimate portable exercise gear, TRX bands are a great investment.

Although not the cheapest item on the list, the money spent will serve you well, time and time again.

TRX bands come in all kinds for different uses. They can be attached to various things, so you can use them anywhere, giving you a variety of different ways to exercise with them.

With many uses and with so much information available on how to create a workout with them, you can create the ideal workout for your needs.

TRX bands will allow you to get a whole-body workout wherever you are and will guarantee you a thorough workout throughout your holiday.

Stay fit on holiday

With these eight items in your suitcase, you will have everything you need to keep up your fitness on holiday. These essentials will give you a variety of options, without weighing you down and make it easy for you to stick to your goals and stay in great shape.