10 Super-Easy Fundraising Ideas For First-Timers

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10 Super-Easy Fundraising Ideas For First-Timers

Looking to raise cash for your chosen good cause but wondering how to go about it? Here are some great ideas that don’t need a lot of effort.

Looking to raise cash for your chosen good cause but wondering how to go about it? Here are some great ideas that don’t need a lot of effort.

Here at realbuzz we’ve taken advice from some of the world’s leading charities to draw up this fantastic top 10 list of fundraising ideas for first-timers. And the great thing about them is they are super easy!


Bake sale

Go old school. Why not put on a bake sale? It’s a tried and trusted way of raising funds and getting friends and colleagues involved. It’s hard for anyone to resist a cake and you’ll probably be surprised by how well your homemade goodies sell.

It’s easier than you think to rustle up some tasty treats, from sponge cakes to flapjacks, there will always be something you can manage.

It’s also a great idea to get your neighbours in on the act. Bake a few cakes and charge them per slice. Easy!


Shave your head

A sponsored head shave is a great way of charity fundraising. Be brave - it’s bound to get loads of attention. Arrange for everyone to come to a local venue, share your head shave on social media and get the local press to cover it. On the night you should see all your friends and work colleagues dig into their pockets as soon as they see you lose your locks.

Men could also take a hair raising route to money-raising and get their legs or chests waxed for the charity of their choice. Ouch!


Silly outfits

Dress up in a silly outfit for a day. It’s an easy way of getting sponsorship and will certainly get people in the office talking, and hopefully sponsoring as well.

From clown suits to face paint, use your imagination, as the more ridiculous you look the more you’ll raise.


Colour days

Colour theme days are a way of bringing a splash of brightness into your day while raising money. You could get all your friends to dress in their favourite colours and make a donation to your good cause. Get everyone involved by setting a football, season or country theme for the day.

Add in themed food and drinks to create a real party atmosphere and take your fundraising to the next level.


Charity car wash

Another easy fundraising idea is to have a charity car wash.

Charge your teachers, friends, family and work colleagues to wash their cars. Or set up a car wash in your street and get your neighbours’ motors sparkling.


Clothes swap

Get everyone you know to donate their old clothes, hats and shoes then come along to your house, or office, and purchase new things. You could even make a social gathering of it and have a fashion show as well.  

Either charge people for entry or ask for donations when they pick up new clothes. You could always raise some extra cash by charging people to get involved in the fashion show.


Wear your underwear on the outside

This one’s pants. Wear your underwear on the outside for a day and get everyone you know to sponsor your efforts.

Obviously clean undies are a given. Get your friends and colleagues involved and then you’ll look daft together.


Jelly party

One for the kids here. Organise a jelly eating competition for them with an entrance fee and some prizes.

Eating the jelly with chopsticks adds to the fun. You could also time who finishes their plate the quickest. There are no age rules here - everyone can have a go.


Individual gift

One of the simplest ways to raise cash is to pledge an individual gift – an hour’s pay perhaps?

This one is good for office fundraising and it requires no real effort, just the will to contribute and make a difference.


Daft days at work

Go daft at work. Think up the daftest challenge you can and get as many people as you can to join in.

There are so many ideas – a throw a custard pie at your boss competition (make sure he’s in on it!) or the greatest number of marshmallows you can get in your mouth.

People can get sponsored or simply pay to enter and it’ll certainly add some fun to your lunch break.