As well as changing the lives of others, taking on an event for charity can benefit you in ways you’d never think of. Check out these five surprising ways running for charity can help you…

1. You’ll meet new people

It might not be the first thing that springs to mind, but taking on a charity challenge is a great way to expand your network and meet new people. Many charities will have their own social media groups which means you can share training tips, fundraising advice and motivate each other throughout your challenges. Many charities have their own Facebook and WhatsApp groups specifically for their charity runners. These groups also offer the opportunity to meet up with other members of your team to train together and build a sense of community. A lot of people who complete charity challenges together will become lifelong friends as the bonds you’ll forge will last long way beyond your event.

2. It can open up new opportunities

The challenge you initially choose to take on for charity could lead to lots of other exciting opportunities in the future. For example, some charities offer exclusive prizes for their top fundraisers. Also, once you develop a relationship with your charity, you might also be keen to get involved with further fundraising activities and volunteering opportunities that you might not have known about beforehand. 

3. It will give you motivation

There will be days when your motivation will be low. Days when the last thing you’ll want to do is train for your event. For individuals who take on an event on their own, they have the difficult task of finding the strength and inspiration to push on through their tough training days. But when you’re taking on a challenge for charity, there are more people counting on you. When you find yourself low on inspiration, thinking about your charity, your donors and the people whose lives you are changing will spur you on in ways you never thought possible.

4. You’ll get the best support

Taking on the challenge of a lifetime can be a daunting prospect so it’s good to know that you’ll be supported every step of the way. From the moment you register your interest with a charity , you’ll get help with event registrations, fundraising tips, and advice to help you maximise your donations. Your charity can provide you with training plans to help you prepare and will often organise dedicated training days with experts, as well as opportunities to meet up and train with other members of your team. Once you’ve completed your challenge, you can then celebrate in style with your charity!

5. Your health will improve

There have been numerous studies which have found that raising money for charity and helping others can improve your health. For example, research by the Havard University found that people who contributed their time or money were “42 per cent more likely to be happy” compared to those who didn’t. Often referred to as ‘helper’s high,’ taking on a challenge for charity can produce endorphins that promote feelings of happiness. Research from Carnegie Mellon University also suggests that volunteering can promote excellent cardiovascular health, reduce blood pressure and increase your lifespan.