Add More Good To Your Goal - Do It For Charity

Reasons To Start Fundraising

Add More Good To Your Goal - Do It For Charity

Sometimes we need that extra push to make the finish line, and charity can do just that.

Sometimes we need that extra push to make the finish line, and charity can do just that.

When you feel like your body is ready to surrender and there’s no way you can take a single step further, take a quick glance down at your t-shirt and remind yourself that you’re walking, running, cycling, climbing, even bungee jumping, for an amazing cause.

If you’ve signed up to an incredible challenge and want to make it extra special, add more good to your goal by collecting sponsorships for an amazing cause.

Trust us, it can make the world of difference.  

Mr Motivator

Some days you won't feel like training. You'll hang up your running shoes, grab the remote and settle in for the night, and why not – no one's forcing you to take part in the event. Who cares what time you get, or even if you make the finish line?

As the little devil on your shoulder whispers sweet nothings in your ear, determined to make you put your feet up and order takeout; the charity you've chosen to race for steps up and shakes you into action.

Your charity needs you to do your best. You're running, walking, cycling as fast as you possibly can to push your donations to the absolute limit. Every bit counts – take the British Red Cross for instance. A £5 donation can help train someone in the UK with life-saving first aid skills, or can be used overseas to supply those in need with 2,000L of purified water.

Whatever the charity, make sure it's one that's close to your heart. It can be just the motivation you need to hit a new PB.

Hello new friends!

The great thing about fundraising is that it increases your support network – the crowd will love you!

One day, you're jogging for the fun of it, the next you're sprinting with purpose for a cause that means the world to you. But don't worry; charity racers never go it alone. Fellow fundraisers will be right there with you, every step of the way.

With charity races come friends for life. You'll meet others like you, with incredible stories; ready to fight for their cause and achieve the impossible.  Then there's your number 1 fan, the charity itself. Get in touch with your chosen cause, and they'll be more than happy to help you with your fundraising campaign. Your race-day team just got a whole lot bigger.

Speak up

If you've got something to say, say it on race day. Why shy away and race in secret, when you could easily raise tens, hundreds, even thousands for a cause that desperately needs your help?

Adding good to your goal enables you to bring a personal touch to your race. Do you want to raise awareness for a charity that often goes unnoticed, or educate others about a cause you’re passionate about? Grab yourself a sponsorship form, get your t-shirt printed and spread the word.

All the love

You may not realise it, but by agreeing to fundraise, you're stepping into one of the most loved-up markets in the industry – philanthropy. Simply by ticking the charity box, you're showing love and consideration for individuals you might never meet.

If your goal is to beat poverty, your donations are helping to care for and develop the 11.3% of the population that are suffering from chronic undernourishment.

In a Ted Talk he led, humanitarian activist Dan Pallotta expressed his concern for the poorer communities in America specifically, asking, "why has poverty remained stuck at 12 percent of the U.S. population for 40 years?"

This, he believes, is because there are areas within the economy which social business can't touch. Business can 'carry humanity' so far, but it's down to the philanthropists of our future, like yourself, to make the real impact. To quote Pallotta, "philanthropy is the market for love. It is the market for all those people for whom there is no other market coming."

Collecting sponsorships as you train for the big event means more to people than you realise.

You're a hero

Forget Superman, there's a new hero in town. Some people play down the amount they raise when they should be shouting it from the rooftops. Your efforts are heroic, and better still; the action you take to promote your charity is inspiring others to do the same.

It shows that you’re more than the average entrant. Reaching the finish line isn’t enough for you; you want to enrich your race-day experience even further by saving lives too. Everyone will be super-proud of what you’ve achieved, and we’ve no doubt that you will move on to bigger and better things – tougher races teamed with more donations. There’ll be no stopping you once you start to fundraise.