Fundraising Checklist - Are You Doing Everything You Can?

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Fundraising Checklist - Are You Doing Everything You Can?

Are you doing all you can to maximise your fundraising efforts? Once you’ve chosen your good cause and started your money-raising project our checklist may help.

Are you doing all you can to maximise your fundraising efforts? Once you’ve chosen your good cause and started your money-raising project our checklist may help.

The key to fundraising is being organised. If you plan ahead and think about any potential problems before they arise you should have a stress-free and successful event. Our checklist sets out the important things to consider when starting to raise money.

Set yourself a target

Decide how much you’re aiming for and then make sure everyone knows how much you want to raise – and how the cash will help your chosen charity. Also, let them know that all donations are welcome – it all adds up. And don’t forget to get them to tick the Gift Aid box.

Get the date right

If you’re organising a charity fundraising event take a look at the diary to make sure it doesn’t clash with other things happening locally or nationally. You might be disappointed with the turnout or response if you’ve chosen the same date as a major sporting event or the town’s big summer celebration.

If you’re planning to take part in a run, swim, walk or cycle event, check that you’ve enough time to get the right amount of training in.

Call for volunteers

If your big fundraising drive needs support to make it happen, then get your family, friends and workmates involved early in the planning process. Also make sure they really feel part of delivering the event – that way they will be twice as dedicated. And it’s always fun to join in!

Get your message out there

Does everyone know what you’re planning, what you’re aiming to raise and when your big event is? Get posters up in your workplace and the local area and send out emails to everyone you know. The more people who are aware, the more cash you’re likely to get. It’s also worth considering if your efforts worthy of publicity in the local press?

Set up a donation page

It’s quick and simple to set up a fundraising page. Set a cash target on the page and make sure everyone knows the story. Explain why you’re doing the fundraising and what it means to you and to the charity.

Make sure to share it with friends and colleagues and hopefully you’ll watch your donations roll in.

Harness the power of social media

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – whatever the medium, let people know that you are fundraising. Keep them informed of your progress as you build up to your big event. And don’t be shy to ask them to back your good cause.

Focus on the training

If you’re doing a sponsored run, walk, cycle or swim for your charity then make sure that you are training as hard as you can to ensure success.

Let the fact that you’re working for a worthy cause and want to raise money at the end of it all, spur you on. No slacking!

Be safe and legal

If you’re organising an event check out if what you’re planning is allowed without a licence and if insurance is needed. Also consider any health and safety requirements. Your chosen charity may be able to help with advice.

Collect the donations

Once you’ve successfully completed your event or challenge make sure that you go round everyone who sponsored you to collect the cash in. You might even find they are prepared to give a little bit more as you did so well!

Remember to thank everyone

Don’t forget to thank everyone who has sponsored you or supported you throughout it all. Make sure everyone knows just how much you’ve collected in total and that it’s gone off to the charity concerned. They’ll appreciate knowing that they’ve played their part in a successful fundraising effort.

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