Fundraising SOS - 10 Tips If You Are Way Off Target

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Fundraising SOS - 10 Tips If You Are Way Off Target

Here are some simple ideas to help you with that final fundraising push.

Here are some simple ideas to help you with that final fundraising push.

Whatever you are doing, the weeks leading up to your charity event are bound to be a little bit hectic. But what happens if you still have a little way to go to hit your charity goal?

Just remember that it's still not too late to renew your efforts to raise even more money – and of course, whatever your deserving cause, every little bit counts!

Even if you are only a few days away from your event – there are ways of ensuring you achieve your target.


Social media

If you haven't already done so, use social media, including Facebook and Twitter, to get people you know to donate. Now’s the time to post an update on your fundraising efforts – to let supporters know how your campaign is going and how you’re feeling. You could also include a short video. The key is to be open and honest – if you look like falling short of your target – say so!  


Old friends

Why not renew acquaintances with old friends on Facebook. They may be just as passionate about your chosen charity as you are and be compelled to help. Making it easy to donate via an online donation page link will make people even more likely to do so.


Take to the street

If you are struggling to win support you could always take to your local high street to raise awareness. There’s no better way to muster those extra donations than by donning an outrageous fancy dress costume and of course a silly hat!

Make heads turn and let your audiences know what your fundraising venture is all about, when it is and how they show their support by giving you a donation. You could even wear a sign making it clear you are seeking funds and carry a bucket for those who want to immediately dig deep into their pockets to help.  We bet you won’t have realised how many strangers there are out there that might be inspired by your personal plea.


Poster power

Not everyone is switched on to social media, which means traditional, tried and tested methods of spreading the word are sometimes hard to beat. A good eye-catching poster or flyers in the local shop window, post office counter or community noticeboard will help to point people in the right direction. It should show who you are, what you are doing and why. The more emotive and personal you make it, the more likely it is that people will immediately donate. And as well as giving full details of your event – such as date, time and charity - you can also include your social media contact details to drive any new followers online for further information.


Business plea

It can be surprising how much money local businesses are prepared to donate, particularly if you are fundraising for a charity they also care about. Of course it can be daunting to make a ‘cold call’ to approach a business but remember – if you don’t ask, you don’t get! Make a list of the shops and offices you are going to approach and try to speak to someone in person.  

Even if a business isn’t able to donate, they might let you leave a few of your flyers behind.


Quick fixes

There are hundreds of quick-fix ways of bolstering your charity involving very little effort and without taking your eye off the bigger fundraising venture.

Take time out to set up a cake sale at home or work – and offer tempting treats to friends, family and work colleagues for a donation. Alternatively organise a sweepstake. Buy a ticket and guess the number of sweets in a jar or the weight of a cake. Should your fundraising event be a personal challenge such as a cycle or running event, what about guessing your finishing time? When friends see how much effort you are going to they may even donate more to your total! Others may also feel compelled to donate.


Charity support

Your chosen charity might be able to help you out if you are struggling to meet your fundraising target. Most large charities will have fundraising packs and plenty of advice to help you reach your goal.

Also, telling people how the money you raised will be used is really helpful. Speak to your charity and ask them to explain how and where the money you raise will help.

Once you have the answer, make sure to share it on social media – it’s a great way of letting people know and gives them an extra opportunity to donate.


Car boot or online sale

Clearing out your old or unwanted items is a great way to give your fundraising efforts a quick, cash injection. Either take things down to a local car boot sale, or upload them to an internet sales site like eBay. It won’t cost much to get set up - car boots fees are relatively small and online selling is often free - and then you can watch your unwanted items be converted into money for your chosen charity.


Don’t worry

Remember that charities are grateful of every penny you raise and they won’t have any expectations of a fundraising target. The most important thing is that you do the best you can in the time you have available. Fundraising for a charity should be fun, so just focus on getting all your friends and family involved and having a great time while you're doing it. Any extra cash you raise is a bonus!

If you have been given a guide target by your charity, talk to them, let them know your struggle. As we mentioned above, charities will be able to offer advice that’s specific to their cause, that can help boost your effort.


Don’t stop on the day

Finally, if your charity event or challenge happens on a certain day, you don’t have to see that as the finish line. Some people might still donate afterwards. This is especially true if you are completing a challenge like a sponsored run, swim or skydive.

Some friends may have decided to wait until you've completed your challenge before they donate, others might be inspired to donate again when they see how well you do.