Fundraising Starter Pack: Foolproof Ways To Raise Money

New To Fundraising

Fundraising Starter Pack: Foolproof Ways To Raise Money

So you are ready and willing to throw yourself into a charity effort, but you’re not sure where to start – here are a few easy ideas to get you going.

So you are ready and willing to throw yourself into a charity effort, but you’re not sure where to start – here are a few easy ideas to get you going.

Where to start when you’re choosing the right fundraising idea – whether a personal challenge or a fun group event – can prove difficult. And often the big money-making ventures take a little more planning than others.

If you are a budding fundraiser looking for some inspiration to go with the motivation and perspiration that you are happy to give – then here are a few tried and tested favourites which are sure to produce amazing results.

Good luck!

IDEA: Food and wine tasting

WHAT’S INVOLVED: This is a good excuse for a social night out. You can bring family and friends together for an adult-themed food event, such as a wine tasting or a fondue night.

SECRET OF MAKING IT WORK: Once you have booked a venue, buy produce in bulk from a supermarket. This will help you keep costs down and make sure the maximum amount goes to your chosen charity. Many wine merchants will be happy to offer their expert knowledge (and sell bottles) at your event. Sell guest tickets and you could also run a raffle on the night too.

IDEA: Charity race night

WHAT’S INVOLVED: Another fun social night for grown ups – watch horse or dog races on a big screen and bet with ‘funny money’ for prizes.

SECRET OF MAKING IT WORK: Build yourself a good audience – then hire the venue and an experienced race night provider, who will take care of the screening and bookie duties on the night. A typical evening consists of eight races. Props (and film) are supplied by race operators, and some gaming regulations may apply.

You can advertise through social media, flyers and local media to ensure a crowd and sell tickets. On top of the admission fee, guests can purchase more ‘funny money’ which boasts your charity total. To keep costs down, you could approach local shops and businesses for prizes – they're often happy to help out when it’s for charity.

IDEA: Tombola stall

WHAT’S INVOLVED: This is a fair and festival favourite. Pick a raffle ticket out of a barrel and match it with a ticketed prize to win.

SECRET OF MAKING IT WORK: The better the prizes the more popular your tombola will be – so make sure they are attractive to all ages. Donated gifts ensure you make the most money so approach friends, family and work colleagues. You may need to buy some eye-catching top prizes – but you can always ask shops and businesses for donations or discounted goods. Buy or borrow a tombola drum if you want – but a bucket or box will do. Ticket prices should represent the prizes on offer and take into account your target figure and what people are likely to be prepared to spend. It's far better to have the ticket prices set low enough for people to have a go several times, as repeat buyers help increase profits on the day.

IDEA: Sponsored run

WHAT’S INVOLVED: Whether it’s an extreme personal challenge – a 26.2 mile test of fitness and stamina – or a fun run in the local park, a sponsored run is always deserving of sponsorship from family, friends and colleagues for your chosen cause.

SECRET OF MAKING IT WORK: Any swim, bike ride or mountain climb requires preparation and disciplined training to ensure you have the ability to complete the challenge. Set a fundraising target to motivate people to give generously then promote by mouth, email social networks and local press. It is also worth setting up a Facebook event to further promote the charity and hopefully raise even more.

IDEA: Sky dive

WHAT’S INVOLVED: Raise money by launching yourself out of a plane at 15,000 feet and freefall back for funds.

SECRET OF MAKING IT WORK: You need to raise enough money to cover both the cost of the jump and the cause. When people pledge to donate make sure you have their contact details. Most charity skydives are a tandem jump. You will experience free-falling at 120mpg but without the need for any lessons. Your instructor will take care of everything from parachute deployment right through to the landing. All you need to do is enjoy the experience and think of all the money you are raising.