What Is A Charity Challenge?

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What Is A Charity Challenge?

Unsure of what exactly a charity challenge is or what they entail? Check out our quick guide to get the low-down on life changing charity challenge experiences.

Unsure of what exactly a charity challenge is or what they entail? Check out our quick guide to get the low-down on life changing charity challenge experiences.

What exactly is a charity challenge?

Simply put a charity challenge is any race, event or adventure you take part in while fundraising for a worthy cause. Anything can be turned into a charity challenge, from a 5k charity fun run to a full blown charity trek up Mt Kilimanjaro, so you can take one on no matter what your skill level is. It’ll be an experience you never forget, and all the while you’ll be raising money for charity. What’s not to like?

What is expected of you from a charity challenge?

Your main task when it comes to a charity challenge will be raising some much-needed funds for your chosen cause. The amount you’ll be asked to raise will depend on the charity you are involved with and which event or challenge you have chosen.

Some of the more popular charity challenges like the big city marathons will require you to raise a large amount, but don’t make the mistake of thinking this is the charity being greedy. Charities have to pay a high price for places in these events, so they’re forced to ask for a lot of fundraising to cover their costs. Don’t worry though – once you get into the swing of things donations will start pouring in and you’ll actually learn to love the fundraising experience.

After your fundraising is complete you still have one big task left on your plate – completing your challenge. Nobody is going to judge you for an unavoidable injury, but if you fail to prepare properly and can’t complete your challenge you could face some serious problems with your fundraising. Make sure that you put the hours in when you’re training for your challenge to ensure your charity fundraising efforts don’t go to waste.

What can you expect from your charity?

In return for all the money you’re raising for them, your charity will be providing you with help every step of the way. During your preparation you can expect them to provide you with advice and training tips, as well as some kit to help you raise awareness for their cause. If possible they’ll also be there on the day itself, providing you with any last minute advice and some much needed moral support to get you through your challenge.

Charities can also help you with organising some of the more exotic challenges out there, such as multi-day events or overseas challenges. This will provide you with some priceless peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your training and preparation safe in the knowledge that the logistics of your challenge are being taken care of.

Is a charity challenge really for me?

If you want to help raise money for a charity whilst getting fit and losing weight at the same time then yes, a charity challenge is definitely for you! One of the main reasons people take up charity challenges is to support a cause that is close to their heart. So if a family member or friend has been affected by an illness or disease then a charity challenge really is the perfect way to do your bit and show your support. These challenges are also a great honest reason to improve your general health whilst really making a difference to a worthy cause.

Absolutely anyone can take part in a charity challenge, but before you commit to any serious fundraising obligations it’s a good idea to consider how much training you’ll need to do. If this is your first serious event like a marathon or long distance trek then you might find it tough to juggle your fundraising commitments with the training you need to do.

Likewise, it’s probably not a great idea to run your first ever marathon dressed in a heavy fancy dress costume to raise extra money for charity, as you might struggle to complete the distance.

Where can I find a charity challenge?

Most charities will be more than happy to let you take on a charity challenge on their behalf. Check on your favourite charity’s website to find out what kind of challenges they offer and try to find the one that appeals to you the most.

If they don’t have the challenge you had in mind then try contacting them directly – chances are they’ll be happy to have you on board for fundraising no matter what event or challenge you want to do.

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