Charity gala balls are held to raise funds for all manner of different charities and they vary in level of grandeur on display at each event.

What is a charity gala ball?

The Oxford Dictionary defines a gala as “a social occasion with special entertainments or performances.” Charities use gala ball events as fundraising opportunities to gather valuable donations for the causes that they support.

A social occasion with special entertainments or performances

Traditionally charity balls are stunning events, bringing large numbers of guests to splendid venues and giving them the opportunity to dress formally and enjoy an evening of socialising, entertainment, food and drink, and raising funds for a worthy cause. 

Why spend the budget?

Firstly, they can be very profitable. The event is a great fundraising opportunity often involving auctions with prizes donated from sponsors or local businesses, or other activities such as casino-type games to gain donations for the charity.

Secondly, the event shows investors, backing celebrities and members of the public that their support is greatly appreciated and keeps them supporting the charity in the future.

In this technological age, charity balls improve and create organic, face-to-face, relationships between donors and the charity in a social environment, without the need for emails, phone calls and social networks which is ultimately very beneficial to the charity.

What to wear to a gala

The standard dress for gala events is traditionally formal or black tie. However, the organisers may have decided on a theme for the evening which might require a certain outfit, for example, a Masquerade evening, 1920s themed gala, or simply a Black & White theme, so be sure to read the invitation properly.

What to expect at a charity ball?

It’s fairly safe to expect to be fed at these events, often with nibbles and champagne flowing at the drinks reception, before a full sit down dinner on large tables, either with people from the same company or other individual guests.

At some of the larger charity events, you can often find a celebrity - for example, the charity patron, who has added their backing to the charity by attending. Celebrities may also play an active role in the gala evening, often getting involved with the proceedings such as charity auctions or raffles.

Following a selection of speeches from the charity organisers and other people involved with the evening, there will be some form of entertainment at the event, with live music or a charity auction being the traditional choices. Make sure that you make the most of all the entertainment on offer at the ball.

One thing that is certain is that you will have fun and get the chance to experience an evening with a high level of service to make your evening great value for money. And to make the cost of your evening’s entertainment go down well, it’s worth remembering that the proceeds from the event go to charity. Just don’t overdo it on the charity auction!

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