Wouldn’t it be great if we could borrow the Fairy Godmother’s magic wand from time to time? Then, with a quick twinkle and flick we could transform ourselves. Well we have the next best thing, here are 5 quick tricks to help revamp your look.

1. Stand up

Although we risk sounding like your mother, if you want to revamp your look stand up straight. Your posture is hugely important to the way you look. Even the world’s prettiest woman would look unattractive if she stooped and slouched through life. Not only will maintaining a good posture make you appear more confident you will also look slimmer.

Patrice Winter, a spokeswoman for the American Physical Therapy Association, says that standing tall can make you look 10 pounds slimmer. So ladies, shoulders back and stand tall.


Having good posture doesn’t mean standing polka straight. You need to stand naturally, allowing your spine to curve in an S shape. Make sure when you are standing that your hips and ears are aligned. Also if you sit at a desk, make sure you use your legs to distribute your weight and help relieve some of the pressure off of your tailbone.

2. Dye

When you think of having a makeover or revamping your look it can be easy to think you have to clear out the bank balance and take out a second mortgage on your home. Changing your look doesn’t have to be expensive though and it can be as cheap as you want it to be. If you feel like your wardrobe needs updating, take a look at what you already own. If you have a pair of trousers or skirt that fits well but is looking a little old, pop it into the washing machine and add in some fabric dye, this will create a completely new outfit.

You could also pop a few accessories into the washing machine too, such as a fabric brooch or fabric bag. Then you have an instantly colour coordinated outfit.


Fabric dye is a simple way to revamp your wardrobe. Make sure you check the dye you use for instructions, but generally you will simply need to put in the dye from the box into your washing machine and add salt. Then turn on your machine and wash the clothes in a hot wash until the cycle is complete.

3. Eyes and lips

Your eyes and lips are you chance to have fun and, if you want to give yourself a makeover using makeup, start with these areas. Firstly, take a look at the colour of your eyes and try to find an eyeliner pen or pencil that matches your natural eye colour. Then play around with designs. You could add flicks to the corners of your eyes to make them appear bigger, or add dashes on your lower lash line. Have fun and find out what works for you. If you have bright eyes, choose a neutral lip shade and vice versa.

For bright lips that pop why not try using two shades of lipstick to your lips. If you use a lighter shade around the outer edge of your lips your lips will appear plumper.


When applying your eyeliner make sure you keep checking what your liner looks like when your eyes are open so that you get the finished look you were after. Also, to keep your lipstick on for longer first apply a lip liner and use a lip brush to apply your lipstick. This will also give you more control during application.

4. Eyebrows

We all know that your eyebrows can dramatically change your face. To give yourself a quick and almost instant revamp you should change your brows. The right brows can frame your favourite features and change your appearance. If you have a long face and would like to make it look shorter choose a flat brow shape. If you have a round face then choose a brow shape with a high arch.

Finally, if you have a heart shaped face, choose brows that balance your face by creating a soft curved arch. Remember, some people benefit from darkening their brows. You could get an eyebrow tint or use an eyebrow pencil to achieve this look.


Although a DIY job can work wonders, sometimes getting some professional guidance goes a long way. If you want to change your entire brow shape book an appointment at a brow bar or with a beauty therapist. Then once you’ve had them re-shaped you could maintain your look at home with tweezers.

5. One statement piece

Sometimes a total revamp or makeover isn’t necessary. All you need is one statement piece that ties together your outfit. To find that magical piece of clothing, scour the shops and the internet. Try on lots of different items and explore new styles, cuts and colours. Ideally, your statement piece will have a wow factor so that it can turn an ordinary outfit into one that will turn heads.

The key to getting this wow factor is to look for bold, unusual colours. Don’t choose a multi-coloured item though, unless lots of your other clothes are plain. This is because you want to be able to wear your statement piece with a lot of outfits, so choose items in bold, block colours.


Your statement piece should be a little out-there and should definitely reflect you and your personality. Take time to find this special item and you’ll soon reap the rewards.