5 Top Tips To Help You Feel Better Naked

People often say that the key to beauty is happiness and they’re totally right. We all want to love the skin we’re in, feel great naked and have the confidence to wear the clothes we’d like to. But sometimes that is easier said than done.

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It’s easy to get caught up in everything telling us ‘how to have a positive body image’, or what’s classed as a ‘healthy body image’, which can sometimes make us feel that our bodies aren’t that great. But no matter how much clean eating you do, if you don’t have self-love then you won’t be happy naked.

We’re here to say it’s time you ignored all the talk, and started to love yourself more in the nude - flaws and all! So if you’re wondering how to feel better naked, here are five ideas that could help you find the confidence you need.


Tackle what you’re consuming

When we say consuming, we don’t mean eating, we mean feasting with your eyes. First of all, you might want to stop buying magazines that tell you what size you should be, and make you feel unnecessarily bad about your size and shape. Next, unfollow profiles on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter that make you feel rubbish about yourself - you don’t need that sort of negativity in your life. You’d be surprised how much editing goes into those stunning bikini photos before they reach Instagram, so stop comparing yourself and start loving yourself!


Ditch the guilt

We’ve all been there - two for one offers on our favourite biscuits and before you can say custard cream, we wake up covered in crumbs with ‘the guilt’. Well, the only way to compensate for these moments is by being more active. You can eat the muffin - just go for a walk. It’s not just for exercise purposes, but for the endorphins, and to calm the nagging guilt in your mind.

Think croissant, think 10-minute jog; think sweets, think 20-minute swim and so on and so forth until you feel fantastic. Mix it up, and take on a new hobby or find a new challenge, sometimes setting goals can help focus our fitness and keep us inspired. If you’re struggling to find the motivation - just put your gym kit on, it’s a simple way to spur yourself on to the actual exercise part.


Find clothes that fit well

If you feel great and super confident in your outfit already, you’re going to feel even better when you remove it later. Clothing that fits and accentuates your favourite areas of your body are a great way of giving yourself a boost.

A figure hugging skirt is ideal when embracing curvaceous hips, or capped sleeves are a good choice for those who love their arms. Embracing these areas first will ensure that once the clothing is removed, you continue to think positively.


Getting rid of the excess air

Sometimes our bodies can feel like balloons – full of air. It can be so uncomfortable, that when we’re naked, we find we’re clambering to put our clothes back on. Don’t let it win and consider some of these remedies for bloating.

Before a night out, in plenty of time (seriously consider your time frame) have a detox tea to aid your digestion. Other ways to stop bloating are cutting certain foods out of your diet. Beans, lentils, fizzy drinks, wheat, onions, salads and sometimes broccoli can set off your bloat, so avoid them before functions or compensate with some exercise if you can’t.


Improve your posture

Another simple tip that can help is to change your posture (if it’s bad). Posture is something that needs to be good otherwise it can lead to health problems. Think shoulders back, bottom in, chin up and hold your stomach muscles tight. It helps to find the positioning by standing with your back to the wall. Your head, shoulders and bottom should be touching the wall, and there should be about a hands width in-between your lower back and the wall.

It’s not something that will change overnight, but once you’ve straightened yourself out, you will feel so much better naked. A good posture also helps relieve back pain, can fight fatigue and encourages your organs to do their job properly.