Top 20 Ways To Feel Great This Winter

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Top 20 Ways To Feel Great This Winter

There are things you can do to beat the winter blues! Read on for our top 20 ways to feel amazing this winter.

There are things you can do to beat the winter blues! Read on for our top 20 ways to feel amazing this winter.

It can be tough getting through the winter months. Lack of daylight can affect our moods, and the biting cold can affect our bones, skin and generally make us feel significantly worse than we would on a bright summer’s day.


Boost your immunity

Winter is a time when we are more prone to catching colds and flu, so ensure you eat a healthy balanced diet including plenty of fruit and veg.


Take up a winter sport

If you ever fancied having a go at a particular winter sport, then winter is obviously the time to do it!


Revamp your look

Give yourself a new look, whether it be getting a new hairstyle or buying a new wardrobe.


Get pampered

Take yourself to a health spa to be pampered from head to toe.


Treat yourself

Buy yourself one luxury item that you may have been promising yourself, but never got round to buying. Don’t relying on someone finally getting you it for Christmas!



Outdoor exposure and dry centrally heated homes rob your skin of its moisture during the winter. That leaves lots of dead, dry skin cells, so exfoliate and moisturize.


Get active

If it's too cold outside for you, then attend a session of aerobics, yoga, circuit training or take up an indoor sport. Any form of exercise will make you feel better and more relaxed.


Catch up on your sleep

Longer hours of darkness make it easier to sleep, so take advantage. We all know how good we feel after a good night’s sleep, but don’t get too much as this often has the effect of making you feel even more sluggish.


Take a winter break

A break will inevitably make us feel better. Head for some winter sun or invigorate yourself with some exciting winter sports.


Get out in the daylight

Daylight makes us feel better, and even though it is limited in winter, we should still try to maximize our exposure to it. Perhaps take a short walk at lunchtime if it is sunny.


Let the light in

If you’re not keen on going out in the winter sun, then raise the blinds and let the light shine in.


Bring plants into the house

Plants will lift your spirits and give you a taste of eternal summer.


Bring some color into your home

The color orange is meant to be cheering.


Relax and meditate

Use the time indoors to relax, perhaps with some candles or essential oils and meditate.


Have a massage

Ease your aching limbs and creaking joints with either a self-massage or rope in a friend to do it for you.


Clear out the clutter

In winter we tend to spend more hours indoor, so use this time to clear out the clutter and do the jobs we may have been putting off.


Spend more time with friends

If we are spending more time indoors, then why not visit friends or invite them round. It will ease your conscience, if you have been neglecting your pals during the summer.


Enjoy a drop of the hard stuff

Indulge occasionally in a nice warming drink, such as mulled wine or even a wee dram.


Start setting targets

Start thinking positively about your aims for the New Year, including any changes to your lifestyle you intend following.


Join a gym

Exercise is a great way to energize yourself and feel amazing. If you don’t feel like playing sport outside you could exercise in the comfort of your local gym. Make the most of the sauna, Jacuzzi or steam room to relax at the end of your sessions.