If you want to become a winter beauty, read this guide and you will beat the icy winds and blustery snowfalls.


Winter is not kind to our bodies. It dries out our skin, frizzles our hair and chaps everything that dares to cross its path. It’s important you’re prepared for everything winter has to throw at you.

Exfoliate your lips

Your lips have very few oil glands and they dry out quickly, which is why you often see people with chapped lips during the winter. To keep them soft and supple, make sure you exfoliate them. To do this apply some petroleum jelly to your lips, then take your toothbrush and move the tip around your lips in circular motions.

Deep condition

Conditioning isn’t good enough when winter comes to town. Step up your game and deep condition. To begin, add some drops of almond oil into your moisturiser. Then apply this mixture to your hands and feet before you sleep. Before jumping into bed put on gloves and thick socks. In the morning your skin should feel deeply moisturised.

Get kitted out

Wet clothes can dry out your skin and cause skin irritation. Make sure you pack an umbrella; preferably one with a Teflon-treated hood. The nylon repels water and the hood will dry quickly. Your coat should be thick, windproof and water-resistant. To keep your feet warm and dry choose some wool socks and insulated boots. A non-slippery sole, like rubber, is ideal for winter shoes.

Wear sun lotion

It sounds like an odd winter-must-have, but sun lotion should be a part of your beauty routine even in the coldest months. Although it is true that you receive less sun in the winter, UVA rays are the same strength year-round. Despite your layers of clothes, your face and hands will still be exposed at some point. Try to choose a sun lotion with an SPF of at least 15.

Stay hydrated

Although cuddling up by the fire with a hot cup of tea sounds like bliss, what is it doing to your body? Keeping hydrated is easy during the summer months, but is something we often forget to do during winter. However, during the winter we lose a lot of moisture from our bodies too. So make sure you stay topped up and swap your normal tea for a non-decaf, herbal one.

Take oil baths

Never heard of an oil bath? Well, it’s about time you did. Oil baths relax and moisturize; a perfect combination when you want to winter proof your beauty routine. To indulge in this luxurious and budget friendly treatment, simply add several drops of your favourite oil into your bath. Almond oil works particularly well and it smells great.

Lip Balm

Be sure to pick up lip balm/chapstick, as this is the decider between having cracked lips or a perfect smile. Lip balm tends to last a while, so don’t worry about it costing much as it’ll last a few winters.

Face wash

Although your face wash may be great for your skin during the summer months, it may not be as good when the temperature and conditions change. Choose a face wash that is oil based, so it works with your moisturiser. Also make sure you wash with warm, not hot water, as hot water dries out the skin.