Once you’ve taken the plunge and signed up for a Tough Mudder why not take the chance to raise money for charity too. Here’s 5 reasons why you should.

The nerve-wracking Tough Mudder involves obstacles including crawling under barbed wire, wriggling through narrow tunnels, leaping through bonfires and scrambling up near vertical mudslides. It’s been described as probably the toughest event on the planet, but organisers say anyone can do it – so why wouldn’t you want to make the experience even more memorable – by raising money for charity?

Here’s five good reasons why you should turn your Tough Mudder adventure into a charity fundraising event:

1. Helping a good cause

Tough Mudder may not have been around a long time – but it has already forged a reputation for helping others.

Being a ‘Mudder’ means putting others before yourself especially those who risk their lives for the safety and freedom of our country. Get into the action by raising money for those service members who have returned home with the mental and physical wounds of war, and their families.

Participants in the UK are asked to help make a difference by raising sponsorship that will support Help the Heroes, whose mission is to deliver an enduring network of support. Similarly in the USA, more than $7 million has been raised for the Wounded Warrior Project, to assist injured veterans on the journey towards a successful civilian life.

You can also raise money for any charity of your choice. Fundraising is one of the most selfless things you can do and any sum you donate – no matter how small – will also be invaluable in raising awareness of your chosen cause.

2. Motivation

Tough Mudder is no push over! It’s based on Special Forces training so if you are considering joining up you will certainly need to have a good level of fitness as well as commitment.

Preparation is key – which is why giving yourself a charity goal may be the all-important motivation you need in the weeks of training ahead of the big day.

The very thought of that support you will be bringing to people in need, is sure to help push you when you’re pumping iron in the gym or pounding the pavements.

And on event day, when you step out onto the challenging course, it may be your charity cash target that is the motivation to make it easier to negotiate those extreme obstacles and cross the finishing line.

The Tough Mudder emphasis is on a selfless set of values… each course regarded not a race but a chance to help others not just out on the obstacle course but also in everyday life - and charity giving plays an important part in this. That's why participants have raised millions for charities around the world. The Tough Mudder legacy lives on by changing the lives of those who really need it.

3. No pain no gain

Tough Mudders are adrenaline seekers and big believers in “no pain no gain”. The ‘pain’ comes from taking on this ultimate of test all-round strength, stamina and mental grit. It’s an experience that brings the thrill of personal achievement – and it’s made all the more rewarding if there is also a ‘gain’ in the form of sponsorship funds by completing the punishing course.

For some it will be a once-in-a-lifetime challenge… so there is no excuse to miss the opportunity to help others. What better way to give a cash boost to a cause close to your heart – and get friends and family to give some money to show their own support for your heroic efforts.

4. Fun and fundraising stories

Never forget that raising funds for charity also brings people together to have fun. Tough Mudder is known for its great camaraderie and there is guaranteed to be a story to tell - and hopefully some super pictures.

This is sure to excite your local newspaper and radio station, who will provide great coverage, giving you an opportunity to highlight the work of your charity.

The media will love the commitment involved in doing a Tough Mudder for charity – and the difficulty of the course will help to encourage people to donate more and more to your chosen cause.

5. Extra assistance

‘Mudders’ are a generous lot – with a proud boast of having raised over £5 million for charity globally over the past four years. And while all Mudders are always regarded equal – charity fundraisers can sometimes get that little bit extra assistance. Some events have dedicated charity reception points in the main area and dedicated cheering zones for supporters, plus organisers may be able to offer a choice of start timings. So make sure to enquire before booking.

Also, charities may be able to help with training and preparation beforehand.