You’ve done the training, you’re ready to go – but what can you expect as you take on the ultimate endurance obstacle challenge? Here’s our guide to the day.

First of all let’s be very clear. This day will be like no other you have experienced. Your training will hopefully have got you ready physically for this massive challenge, but it is about much, much more than physical endurance. Your mental strength is also being tested to the limit – this is not for the faint hearted.

Here’s what to expect on race day….

  • You will get cold, you will get wet, you will be snagged on barbed wire; there will be shocks and tight, small spaces to get through.
  • It’s okay to be nervous – that’s a good thing. But don’t let those nerves or the trepidation stand in your way of taking in and savouring the experience. This should and will be a day to remember.

Before the race

  • Before you set off for the course, you’ll need to fuel up for the challenge. Race day isn’t the day for a heavy pre-race meal, your carb loading should be complete. So take it easy with something light and make sure you take in plenty of water.
  • When you arrive smiling volunteers are on hand to make your day go as smoothly as possible. But there’s nothing smooth about the course you are about to embark on.
  • Also, Tough Mudder is not just about the race. So if you fancy shaving your head to show support for Help for Heroes before you hit the start line there’s a tent and people who can make that happen.
  • Once you’re ready to go you have to make it to the start line. And this is such a difficult event that you have to climb an obstacle before you even line up to start.
  • Once at that starting line you will join everyone else in reciting the Mudder Pledge – and then you’re off into the big unknown.

The race

  • Remember to help other people and that others will be looking to help you as you make your way through these formidable obstacles. Everyone is just as tired and wet and cold as you are - but you are in it together.
  • That spirit of cooperation, teamwork and giving a helping hand are also what being a Mudder is all about. It’s the course you’re taking on – not each other! There’s no first or last in this race.
  • And you are never alone. You’re one of thousands of intrepid individuals who have made their way across this brutal 12 miles since the event was invented  – ploughing on through ice, fire, barbed wire and electricity to come out triumphantly at the other side.
  • Spectators will also be out in force – encouraging and clapping you on. They’re having as much fun watching and laughing at you as you are taking on the monster obstacles – if not more. And there’s no electric shock treatment for them or Obstacle MCs shouting their special brand of encouragement and advice.
  • If it all seems a bit overwhelming - don’t worry! The mantra is always ‘Mudders don’t whine. Kids whine’. So take everything in your stride and remain positive, no matter how hard the next obstacle appears. You will overcome your fears.
  • With all that’s happening don’t forget to take advantage of the water stations along the route. You must keep hydrated. And fuel up on the snacks you’ll be offered to keep you going.
  • Once you’ve scaled the obstacles and wadded through the water there’s only one thing left between you and the finish line… the electric shock therapy. There are plenty of horror stories about people getting shocked and falling to the floor. But don’t worry, if you're not sure it’s for you, you can always bypass the shocks.
  • Most people get caught up in the moment and take the plunge. And if you are brave enough, the advice is to psych yourself up, cover your face - it’s better to get a shock in the arm than the face and run as fast as you can.
  • Don’t link arms - if one person falls, you all will. Instead run behind or to the side of someone and be ready to give them a helping hand if they fall. We’re sure they will do the same for you!

The finish

  • Crossing the finishing line is simply incredible and now’s the time to celebrate with those who have gone through it all alongside you.
  • Put on that coveted orange headband and official finisher shirt, give everyone the biggest hug you can muster and get ready to party!
  • It’s a drink that you’ve earned like no other. Now’s the time to swap stories and look forward to the next challenge you’re going to set yourself.