The start line of a race; a haven for irrational thoughts and nagging self doubt! If you’re not careful it’s the prime place to lose your race before you’ve even started it!

Whether you’re an elite or rookie runner, the internal dialogue we have with ourselves before the starting gun goes is often ridiculous and amusing! Here are 10 thoughts that might just go through your head as you line up just before your race.

What the hell am I doing?! I don’t want to be here! Running is supposed to be enjoyable. But you do enjoy running, remember?! Oh yeah.

I think I need the toilet. Do I really? Or am I just imagining it?! What if I wee myself halfway round?!

I don’t think I’ve done enough training. I mean my training has gone well but I still don’t think I’ve done enough. Bit late now I guess.

I hope this niggle isn’t going to rear its ugly head.

What if I don’t feel good? It’s gonna be a long race if not.

This is going to hurt. A lot. Pain is good, right? I’ll just embrace it. Still going to hurt though!

Oh, he/she’s turned up. I’m not having you beat me again and be all smug about it!

It’s freezing. Why all this faffing around? Can we just get on with it please!

Mmm, I can smell Deep Heat, oh, and BO.

I can’t wait until I’ve got this over with. There’s a (insert appropriate cake/treat) waiting for me with my name on it!

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