Running is naturally a repetitive activity and with this comes an element of boredom where your motivation slips and the desire to run on decreases. Read our motivational tips to ensure you keep on running.

1. Go on a running break

How about a vacation with a difference, perhaps with your focus being to complete a race while you are there? Relatively cheap airfares make this a realistic proposition, and if you manage to get some friends to join you, you can cut costs further. A few days of warm weather training can really give you a boost, whether you do it ad hoc or at a running training camp.  

2. Find a training partner

Running alone can get tiresome, and some social interaction can really freshen up your running and give you new impetus. You can compare training times and progress, and maybe add a competitive edge to your training sessions.  

3. Vary your running routes

Do you always run the same routes week after week? If so, then it's likely that you are very bored with them, so it's time for a change. Plan some new routes and venture into a few different areas. A change of scene and location will add new interest to your training.  

4. Join a running club

Running clubs are always on the lookout for new members and are suitable for both beginner and seasoned runner. They are a great source of information as members share tips about anything from where to find a good physio to where to buy gear. You can always meet up with members outside of club sessions to provide you with a solution to finding a new training partner.  

5. Make running commitments

If you are one of those who can too easily opt to skip a run, then making a commitment to run with others can make you go when you otherwise might have skipped the session. If you’ve made a commitment with someone to run, you won't want to let them down.  

6. Take a break from running

If running is feeling a drag, then take some time out. It may be that you are overtraining or you are rundown. Taking a break will give you an opportunity to rest and rediscover your running mojo. Of course you may lose some of your fitness, but you'll come back reinvigorated and ready to claw back that fitness in no time.  

7. Run your routes in reverse

Many of us run the same routes and in the same direction every time. A simple solution to put an end to your boredom is to run your routes in reverse. You’ll cover the same distances but the runs will seem completely different because you’re approaching them from a different direction.  

8. Set a running target

A running target will really focus your training. Remember, your goal doesn't have to be a race, but could be something such as being able to achieve a set distance per week. Whatever your target , make sure that it’s achievable but challenging.  

9. Try a multisport event

Some runners never deviate from the same old running routes or the same old events. Why not throw some variety in and have a go at something like a duathlon, triathlon or even quadrathon event? These events all include running, so you can make use of your running skills there, but they also require you to train at other disciplines too.  

10. Vary your sessions

Break up your running with a variety of sessions. Add some interval sessions to your steady running sessions, and don't forget to include some recovery runs. Whatever you usually do in your training, try something different. This will help reactivate your workouts. Breaking habits which have become boring is the key to maintaining interest, focus, and motivation in your running. Keep your training fresh with as many different training ideas and strategies as you can. Using different routes, races and training opportunities, can put the spring back in your step.