RunCzech, the organisers of the World Athletics Gold Label Volkswagen Prague Marathon , are famous not only for their high quality delivery of their 11 races but also for being innovative and creative in the market of running events.

If you’re still feeling uninspired about what you want to achieve this year, RunCzech has collected the best and funniest new year’s resolutions to help guide you towards the ultimate goal: running the Volkswagen Prague Marathon on the 3rd of May.

This race is held in a UNESCO World Heritage city that not only lets you experience the historical wonders along the route, but also gives you the unforgettable experience of accomplishing the extraordinary: breaking through your comfort zone and completing your running resolution. One more thing to tick off your bucket list!

Setting and sticking to your new year’s resolution isn’t always easy, but this list of resolutions will definitely help you get yourself in the Prague Marathon-mood:

Beer tastes better after a marathon... resolve to run it.

Get a beach body by summer... by starting now.

Keep running not only in January... but at least until May.

Become more self-confident... by proving that you can run the marathon.

Run a marathon... and forget the rest of your New Year’s resolutions.             

Wanna be part of the fighters or wanna be part of the procrastinators? It‘s never too cold and never too late to start running!

Volkswagen Prague Marathon 3 May 2020: Hurry up, online registration closes on 31st January!