Whatever your longer-term running goal, a 5k race is an ideal first target if you're new to running. Here are some signs that will tell you that you really are ready to run a 5k.

If you really take to it first time around, a 5K can be a great stepping stone towards the longer distances and bigger and better achievements. So, how do you know when you're ready to toe the line of a 5k?

1. You've put together a consistent block of training

You don't have to rack up the miles as if you were an elite athlete or indeed subject yourself to a brutal training regime before entering your first 5k, but it's certainly a good idea to have some consistent training under your belt. The amount of preparation that you'll need obviously depends on your fitness levels, your goals and your running history.

If you're new to running, you'll generally need 6-8 weeks of training, ideally 2-3 times a week, before hitting your first 5k.
-Louise Damen

However, if you're new to running, you'll generally need 6-8 weeks of training, ideally 2-3 times a week, before hitting your first 5k. It's important to remember that your training doesn't have to be record breaking. Just consistent training with no lengthy breaks due to illness or injury will stand you in really good stead, leaving you physically and psychologically ready to tackle a 5k.

2. You've covered the distance in training

You're likely to feel more confident and comfortable if you've covered the 5k distance at least once before in training. If you're new to running then it's best to start with blocks of running, interspersed with blocks of walking.

As the weeks go by you should aim to gradually increase the length of the running segments and reduce the length of the walking segments with the aim of being able to build up to completing a continuous run. Once you're able to run for 30 minutes continuously, you should be 5k ready.

3. You're healthy

Good health goes hand in hand with consistent training and is essential if you want to make the finish line. In order to be ready to roll over 5k you need to ensure that you are illness and injury free. It sounds pretty obvious really, but plenty of runners are hell-bent on starting a race rather than listening to their body.

If you head to the start line with a nasty cold or you’re suffering from a persistent niggle you will run the risk of a poor performance, not being able to finish and almost certainly a delayed recovery from your ailment. Remember, it's far better to stand on the start line 75 per cent fit and 100 per cent healthy rather than 100 per cent fit but only 75 per cent healthy!

4. You feel ready!

The psychological aspect of running is huge and should never be under-estimated. A little self-belief and a positive mental attitude can go an awful long way and also have a significant impact on your performance and whether you achieve your goals. Everyone is different and there are no set rules in terms of how many miles or training sessions you need to have completed before attempting your first 5k.

Often the most powerful indicator that you are ready comes from within. So trust your gut instinct. When you feel confident and ready to tackle a 5k, it means you almost certainly are. Best of luck.