Choice of shoelace can’t make that much difference can it? Well it can make a difference, not only to those involved in triathlon where a smooth transition is vital, but also to runners of all types.

While you might not have ever considered swapping out the standard shoelaces that typically come with your running shoes when you buy them, there are advantages to using elastic laces:

Triathlon transitions

In a triathlon, transitions can be the difference between success and failure, so anything you can do to cut down the switch from the previous discipline (usually cycling) to your running has to be worth trying. Elastic laces allow you to slip your shoes on so much quicker than having to tie your shoe laces, and can save vital seconds.

The benefit of elastic laces is that they allow you to put on and take off your shoes using just one hand. The elastic stretches as you put your foot in the shoe and this means that you don’t misshape the shoe and can get your foot in and out with ease.

Perfect tension

The fastening system of elastic laces means that laces remain at the perfect tension. Normal shoelaces can feel constricting at times, especially if tied too tightly, but the flexibility of elastic laces lets the shoe expand with the movement of your foot allowing for maximum comfort.

If your foot starts to swell, as it often does once you have been running for a while, then the laces will stretch to ensure your foot isn’t restricted in the shoe. This keep your circulation flowing correctly and can prevent tingling sensations that some runners experience when their laces are too tight.

Securely fastened

Elastic laces are held securely meaning that they are not going to come undone when you are running, especially useful in a race situation. You can adjust them at any time you like.

They are especially useful in the winter when your hands might be too cold to be fiddling around with standard laces. Some also have reflective qualities which can enhance your safety if you’re running in darker conditions.

Elastic laces can be also be added to any footwear, making putting on your shoes a very quick and easy task. They also come in a variety of colours so you can mix and match them up with your current running shoes.