In 2020 we launched runclusive in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal was to create a virtual events platform that would empower runners of all ability levels to remotely take part in the events they know and love while raising money for charity. runclusive took us on a virtual journey with thousands of runners around the world, and we loved hearing each and every inspiring story about training and completing events.

However, that journey came to its natural end which led to the closure of runclusive. The work we did to build runclusive taught us more than we ever thought possible, which helped us create the next evolution in virtual events - realbuzz Adventures .

The realbuzz Adventures platform has built on everything we did with runclusive and made it bigger and better:

  • More intricate medal designs, made with high quality materials
  • Technical running t-shirts that fit perfectly, with designs that truly stand out
  • Streamlined evidence submission processes so you can put all of your energy into running your event
  • More digital features including online race festivals and destination-themed playlists
  • Interactive route maps to track your progress and bring your journey to life
  • And so much more!

The virtual events technology that powers realbuzz Running Adventures is also used by many of our partner events who were previously on runclusive, including the Honolulu Marathon, The Hapalua, Bath Half Marathon, MK Marathon weekend and Prague Half Marathon.

If you have any questions about how the closure of runclusive affects any of the outstanding event entries you have, please contact our support team at .

Thank you for joining us on the runclusive journey. We can’t wait to see where realbuzz Adventures will take you. Enter now and start your adventure .