Want to increase your chances of achieving your running goals? Here are 10 tips to help improve your running success.

1. Make sure you rest

It may seem peculiar to start a training strategy by thinking about rest, but proper recovery is key to progression. Of course you don’t want the whole of your programme to be about rest, but it is important to listen to your body and take time off at regular intervals.  

2. Don't train when unwell or overtired

If you're not feeling too great then give the run a miss. Training when you’re unwell or overly stressed can be counterproductive. This is not a suggestion to skip training just because you can't be bothered or feel tired.  

3. Find a decent training plan

Another top tip to improve your running success is that training without a plan can be demoralising. If you have a target in mind, then a plan will give you week-by-week targets that you tick off as you progress.  

4. Stick to your training plan

Once you have a plan, do your best to stick to it. Don’t be tempted to do more than the plan suggests just because you are feeling good. The plan will have been put together to ensure you improve slowly but steadily in a safe manner.  

5. Build up slowly from the start

Don’t be tempted to do too much initially.  While your early enthusiasm might make you feel like you want to get into your training in a big way from day one, make sure that go with what your plan tells you. Doing too much too soon is likely to lead to injury.

6. Get into a regular routine

Build your training into a regular routine. Keep a set time for your training to ensure you do it. However, having a routine does not mean doing the same distance session all the time, as if you do that you won’t make any progress.  

7. Run with a suitable partner or not at all

Running with a partner has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the problems of training with others is that you get de-motivated if you can’t keep up or don’t make as much progress as they do. Therefore, you may well find it better to go alone, especially in the early days.  

8. Keep sight of your running goal

Need a tip to improve your running success?  Believe in yourself and don’t give up. There will be plenty of times when you doubt your ability to follow your plan and achieve your goals. Don’t lose sight of your goal and keep at it. We all have bad days but don’t let them affect your overall programme.  

9. Fuel well for training

Training regularly stresses the body, and the extra demands require the correct fuel. The food you eat is of utmost importance. Fuelling your body with the right, nutritious and balanced diet gives it all the essential nutrients to perform at your best.  

10. Work on any weaknesses

A great tip to improve your running success is that if you’re aware of any weakness which is affecting performance, then work on it. Don’t let a known weakness adversely impact on your training. Deal with the issue as soon as you identify it.


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