If you’re looking to get active then there are countless activities to kick start your fitness from cycling to cross fit and tennis to tai chi. However more women than ever are now lacing up their trainers and hitting the roads or trails and choosing running.

Here are a number of reasons why you should choose this fantastically simple yet hugely rewarding sport:

Running gets you close to nature

Running has to be one of the most natural sports that you can do. It's innate and not a skill that you have to learn. From those first wobbly strides as a toddler, running requires little conscious thought. Running can also be a fantastic way to explore and enjoy your natural surroundings. Getting out in the natural outdoor environment is a great way to escape the stresses of everyday life. There's nothing like a run through the countryside to enjoy some beautiful scenery and to clear your mind.

Running is accessible

There are some sports that could be considered elitist, simply because of their cost. However in comparison to other sports running is a relatively inexpensive activity. Yes, running shoes can be pricey but they should last quite a while and alongside some suitable clothes that's all you'll need in terms of equipment to get started.

Running is time effective

If, due to work or childcare commitments, you struggle to find the time to exercise, running is one of the most time effective activities out there. You can bank a good run or workout in as little as 30 minutes. Lacing up your trainers and heading out the door can be far quicker than having to drive to a swimming pool or a fitness class and you can gain good improvements in fitness without having to run for long periods of time.

Running is social

Running can be a wonderfully social sport. The running fraternity are a friendly bunch and it's a fantastic way to meet new friends. No matter what your postcode, there will be a running club or group within close proximity to you. Joining your local running fraternity has many benefits. You'll meet like-minded runners and will enjoy the company of training in a group, possibly under the watchful eye of a coach. Having the company of other runners will help to push your training to the next level and you’ll be less likely to hit motivational slumps.

If you have family then why not involve them too? Modern running strollers provide stability and comfort that enable you to take your little one(s) with you. Older children, partners or friends can join you on a bike to provide you with some company and motivational support.

You’re in control when running

As an individual sport the beauty of running is that you're in control. Unlike team sports, you're not reliant on others so you can dictate your pace, distance, route and even the time of day that you train. There's a great sense of satisfaction in seeing your progress and realising that this is all down to your hard work.

You can start running at any level

For many reasons, there are lots of women who've had a hiatus from regular exercise. If you're looking to kickstart your fitness again then with running you can start from scratch. Unlike other sports you don't need to be a certain standard to get started or to join a group or club. Whatever your age, fitness level or experience, running doesn’t discriminate!