Skiing Jargon


Skiing Jargon

From snowplough to moguls, here’s our guide to getting to grips with skiing vocab.

From snowplough to moguls, here’s our guide to getting to grips with skiing vocab.

Après-ski - The post-ski activity – Jacuzzis, drinking, fondue, partying…

Bindings - The connections between your boots and your skis. They should slip off easily when you fall.

Fall line - The most direct way down the mountain. It would be the route that falling skiers and boarders take by accident.

Moguls - The bumps in the snow that everyone has been skiing around all day. You either love ‘em or hate ‘em!

Off-piste - This simply refers to the parts of the mountain outside the dedicated piste areas. These areas are un-groomed by the ‘piste bashers’ and are therefore potentially dangerous for beginners. Off-piste skiing is more for experienced skiers and usually requires special insurance.

Piste - A French term used by everyone which refers to the ski runs marked out on the piste maps.

Piste maps - These are usually free of charge and are essential not to get lost or end up on a run much steeper than you planned!

Schuss - Skiing straight down the mountain, often referred to as ‘chips’ due to the resemblance between the food and straight skis.

Snowplough - A beginner’s technique which involves the tips of your skis pointing to each other so you are in the shape of a snowplow. It’s a great way for beginner’s to take control of their skis and limit their speed. Follows a similar idea to ‘chips’, it’s also referred to as pizza due to the triangle you form with the skis.

Traverse - Skiing across the mountain so one ski is higher than the other.

White out - When the visibility is so poor and all you can see is white.

Now you're clued up on all the most important skiing jargon, why not get out on those slopes?