From intricately designed modern structures to age-old traditions, here are 10 of the best sporting venues around the world. Visit these sporting hotspots and we guarantee you will be blown away by their size, history and atmosphere.

1. CenturyLink Field - USA

Home of the NFL’S Seattle Seahawks, and Seattle Sounders FC of the MLS, CenturyLink Field is one of the most feared destinations for away teams in all of the USA. The stadium was specifically designed to amplify sound, and the Seattle fans have become famous for creating the most electric atmosphere in the NFL. Because of this the crowd have come to be known as the ‘12th man’, and pride themselves on causing visiting teams false start penalties with the sheer amount of noise they make.  

2. Wembley Stadium - England

When it was announced that Wembley Stadium would be demolished in 2002 the English public was in uproar, questioning what could possibly be better than the iconic image of the twin towers. However, when the new stadium was (finally) revealed, the majority of people quickly agreed the change was worth it. This iteration of England’s national stadium is an architectural masterpiece, with its distinctive steel arch jutting out from the roof, and status as the second largest football stadium in Europe.

3. Rungrado May Day Stadium – North Korea

You might be surprised to hear that the world’s largest stadium is actually one you have probably never heard of. Tucked away in the secretive land of North Korea, Rugrado May Day Stadium can seat a staggering 150,000 people, and although it isn’t exactly known for its atmosphere, you’ll still be blown away by the sheer amount of fans it can accommodate. It was opened in 1989 for a large North Korean youth festival, and is now used for the national football team, athletics, and enormous parades.

4. Augusta - USA

Although St Andrews in Scotland is widely regarded as the birthplace of golf , there is no doubting that Augusta has fought its way to the top of the pile to become the pinnacle of the sport. The course at Augusta is meticulously maintained, and the beautiful scenery is nearly as enthralling as the high level of golf that takes place there. This golfing Mecca takes exclusivity to whole new levels, and unless you know one of the 300 members (most of whom are CEOs of Fortune 500 companies) you won’t be stepping on Augusta’s hallowed greens any time soon.

5. Monaco Circuit - Monaco

Monaco’s Monte Carlo area is a vibrant and bustling metropolis all year round, but it truly comes alive with the annual visit of Formula 1. Every year the fastest drivers in the world flock to Monaco, as its streets and tunnels are transformed into one of the most exciting racing circuits in the world. Tight corners and blisteringly fast chicanes make this a true test for even the most skilled of drivers, and spectators are sure to be rewarded with some of the highest quality racing available anywhere in the world.

6. Nou Camp - Spain

Europe’s largest stadium has been the home of FC Barcelona since 1957, and has been the setting for some of the Catalan giant’s greatest victories throughout the years. Almost 100,000 football fans pack into the Nou Camp for Barcelona’s home games, but if you want to get up close and personal with the stadium you can take the guided tour and see the changing rooms, the club museum, and the pitch itself.

7. The Bird’s Nest - China

As much an icon of the 2008 Games as the athletes themselves, Beijing National Stadium, nicknamed the ‘Bird’s Nest’, revolutionised the design of sporting venues around the world. The structure’s unique exterior of inter-lacing steel beams was both a design feature and a clever bit of architectural misdirection, as it was built to cover up the inner mechanical workings of the stadium’s impressive retractable roof.

8. Wimbledon - England

The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, or as it’s more commonly known as, Wimbledon, is the venue for the world’s longest standing tennis tournament. What sets a trip to Wimbledon apart is that it’s a social experience just as much as a sporting one, as spectators get into the British spirit by drinking Pimm’s and eating strawberries and cream while they watch the action unfold. Throw some of the highest quality tennis you will see anywhere in the world into the mix and this quickly becomes an event not to be missed.

9. Melbourne Cricket Ground - Australia

Melbourne’s famous MCG stadium has been used for a multitude of events throughout the years, including Australian rules football, athletics, football, rugby, and most importantly; cricket . This is the largest cricket venue in the world, and also holds the record for the tallest stadium floodlights, allowing the action to continue well into the night. If you’re going to watch cricket anywhere in the world, this is the place to do it.

10. Indianapolis Motor Speedway - USA

The world’s largest sporting venue, Indianapolis Motor Speedway opened in 1909, and has been a must-visit spot for race fans ever since. If you have a need for speed, this is the place for you, with NASCAR, Formula 1 and IndyCar all being held here. Head down on any race day and you’ll soon find that the combined roar of the powerful engines and 400,000 screaming fans creates a noise like no other, adding to the exhilarating atmosphere of the racing.

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