many more miles to who knows where

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many more miles to who knows where

An invaluable part of my training programme for the London marathon in 2013. When I wrote my first post i didn't know where it would lead me and I'm still not sure but I'm enjoying the ride!


2009 Loch Ness 3.48.48

2010 Edinburgh 3.37.31

2013 London 3.34.41

2014 York 3.25.25

2014 York PB 3.17.23

2014 Snowdon 3.40.26

2015 Northumberland trail marathon 4.20.28

2015 Howgills trail marathon 4.47.23

Half Marathon

2014 Brass Monkey , York PB 1.35.20

Parkrun 5k

2013 York PB 19.16


2015 York PB 40.05


sub 44.00 10km - 41.25 achieved Leeds 10k 20/7/14

sub 3.25 York Marathon October 2014 - 3.17.23 achieved York marathon 12/10/14


Set by Alaistair 28/5/2014 - sub 42min 10k - 41.25 achieved Leeds 10k 20/7/14


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Its not about winning the race

Just been reading a bit about Lizzy Hawker a British ultra runner, she's just had a book published about her ahievements, adventures and thoughts on running long distances all over the world. Below is a little snippet which struch a chord:   ‘Whatever ...

Show time

I've not been able to catch up with much on the site for the past week as the Internet connection here is on and off all the time. It's been a great week out in Austria and Italy with Hamish on a GB training camp, back home late tonight. i wanted to qui...

" I'm just going for a run"

I'm aware that my blogging has dropped off recently, the reason being is that I'm not following the same intense training plan or gearing up for any specific challenge. It makes me feel like a bit of a passenger but I'm fine with that for the time being...

North to the trails

Here's a quick review of the weekend's Northumberland Coastal Trail Marathon. It was my first proper off road marathon so a totally new running experience and one that I had been looking forward to. Northumberland is a part of the country that I really ...


Never thought that I would be happy with a 4.20 marathon , but today I am. That one was by far the most demanding but conversely the most rewarding . Proving the theory that the things that come hard are the things worth having. Thanks Jim, Ali and Kati...

Carrot awards

Hello all, congratulations to those who were out there at the weekend running races. I know that there was quite a few of you and I know the conditions were a little challenging on Sunday so be proud of yourselves. This is just a quick post to say that ...

Underprepared but inspired

Good evening everyone. I'm constantly uplifted by the running reports on this site day after day. I'm chipping away , still not on a plan but running fairly regularly again and with some determination. The big lessons learned over the past few months ha...

Winging it

Thank you to all who continue to do, to write, to comment, to encourage, to fight, persevere, challenge, support, believe, inspire and continually show the best of human spirit through words and actions.  I've been far from prolific in terms of mileage ...

290 days

Happy new year to all you brilliant Realbuzzers, I trust that there was festive fun enjoyed and hope that everyone is ready to go again. The new year lies ahead of us like a new excercise book ,lets fill it will effort and triumphs. Together let's make ...

The final straight

It felt important to sign off for the year here. This site has been an ever present in my life even if I'm not blogging . I'm currently in a very remote place in the shadow of the Cheviot hills on the England / Scotland border , we have switched off pho...


It's been a month since my last blog, I don't think I've ever had such a break between posts before. I have checked in every few days so I know exactly what's been going on. So much has been going on too, I'm so impressed by the continued efforts of you...


" we all have pretty much the same goal and shared experiences. I think marathon day itself will be an incredible event as those shared experiences all collide and become distilled into one physical human effort. Magic." That was a quote from my third b...

tomorrow and the day after

Good morning everyone. Just a quick update prior to Snowdon. Theres some great blogs recently, strong running and fine writing. I've only run twice since the York marathon 10 days ago. Both runs were with Pip our Lurcher and both were steady 2.5 milers....


No, the title isn't the start of another countdown, its because I realised that its my 100th post! The 100 could also signify the 100's of miles training covered since I made my first post 18 months ago, the hundreds of kind words and great pieces of ad...

The numbers

A quick pre marathon post with the bib numbers for tomorrow's York marathon. The live tracker will be up on the yorkshire marathon site before the race starts at 9.30. there may be a delay to the start as thick fog is forecast for the vale of york overn...


And so the coundown ends. As with all previous marathons I'm now filled with the pre race nerves, excitement, anticipation and slight dread. The mind plays a few tricks on you in these final days before the race, Ive got to say no to nagging doubts and ...

Jenny at chester

jenny Mc is running the Chester marathon and Red Dave is there to watch. She wants a 4.15 Pb you can track her live here - come on Jenny!


Tapering was meant to have started last week but the sore quads and calves tell an entirely different story - more of that in a minute.  I will get the stats out of the way first ,pretty boring but now customary of my coundown blogs ! speed: 7 x 800m - ...


The countdown enters the final three. I realise that the blog titles have been very unimaginative and the content sometimes a little dull but it has sort of reflected how my running has felt this year; on the whole a functional, committed but not sprink...


It's actually less than 4 weeks to M day, this blog is so late that it's nearer 3 weeks now. I'll get straight to the weeks stats: speed - 12 x 400m - 3miles 17.13. / ave 5.42 per mile tempo - 6m - 41.17 / ave 6.53 long - 21.25m - 2.45.50 / ave 7.48  As...


  I'm going to start with a standing ovation for those who pulled out major stops on Sunday in the Blue for Louie RB  Great Oggie Mk2 run and challenges. The collective effort and spirit was superb and a vein of warmth and fun ran through it all. Almost...


The number 6 makes it sound close, a lot closer than 7 or 8. Luckily I've found a spring in my running step again and am feeling the benefit of the work I've put in. I suppose it can haapen like that, you dog it out for a while and then there's a paybac...


Another week slips by, they are getting faster each week I'm sure. I got my three runs done without much trouble last week, I know it's a bit boring but here are the stats : speed: 12 x 400m . Total 3m in 16.39. Ave 5.33 per mile Tempo: 3 miles . 20.16....


So as has become the custom here is my weekly entry in the countdown to the York marathon. Things are ramping up now, speed and tempo runs are faster and the long rind getting longer. Unfortunately the running sparkle still isn't really there, I'm doing...