many more miles to who knows where

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many more miles to who knows where

An invaluable part of my training programme for the London marathon in 2013. When I wrote my first post i didn't know where it would lead me and I'm still not sure but I'm enjoying the ride!


2009 Loch Ness 3.48.48

2010 Edinburgh 3.37.31

2013 London 3.34.41

2014 York 3.25.25

2014 York PB 3.17.23

2014 Snowdon 3.40.26

2015 Northumberland trail marathon 4.20.28

2015 Howgills trail marathon 4.47.23

Half Marathon

2014 Brass Monkey , York PB 1.35.20

Parkrun 5k

2013 York PB 19.16


2015 York PB 40.05


sub 44.00 10km - 41.25 achieved Leeds 10k 20/7/14

sub 3.25 York Marathon October 2014 - 3.17.23 achieved York marathon 12/10/14


Set by Alaistair 28/5/2014 - sub 42min 10k - 41.25 achieved Leeds 10k 20/7/14


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The Clarence

Will be in The Clarence for post race  beers ,just round the corner from the finish line.  Would be great to share a cold pint afterwards, will have definitely earned one!

sideways picture

  Im just going to catch a train to london. Here's a quick picture before I leave. You'll have to turn your head on its side to see it properly, it wont upload the right way and Ive got no time to mess around!   I'm on my way


Who sang that song?  Anyway, I'm off down to the expo tomorrow, hope to be there around midday. I will drop by the RB stand and hope to meet one or two of you. when I signed up for the VLM it was with goal of running my best possible time and beating th...


Does anyone know how to add an image to a blog using an iPad?the add image button isn't " live" #frustrating!


I headed out for a late evening 3 mile run last night. To be honest it was more thinking time than training time. After the events that had dominated the news all day really needed to spend half an hour on my own, after all running is great therapy as w...

ONWARDS + UPWARDS ( as Hollyw...

In some bizarre way perhaps yesterdays events will elevate our own marathon. I believe the collective spirit of marathon runners and the overwhelming support , humanity and enthusiasm of the people who turn up to to cheer them on with take on a greater ...

Boston marathon bombs

Just got the radio on and terrible news coming in of two bombs exploding at finish line of Boston marathon.


The McArthurs ( or more specifically the male members ) are a competitive family  .Whether it be a late night game of poker, boules on the beach, pool in the pub, table tennis, crazy golf or even who can throw a paper aeroplane the furthest. 3.33.46 is ...


I've not mentioned this before, but 3.33.46 is the reason for all of this.


I'm sure that by now everyone has their running number ( sent out in the letter with the magazine ). I thought that it might be an  idea to post them in responses here so we can log onto the website and see how everyone has done next weekend. mine is 34512


I did a speed session tonight, I've been doing these for the last 6 weeks just once a week. I've found a brand new 100m running track which is supposedly for the York City Knights rugby club, there's a hole in the hedge of the training ground so I've be...


I've described myself as a midlife crisis marathon man. I'll be 46 this year and London will be my third marathon since turning 40. I've not got a sports car or a spray tan bu I've spent £90 on some trainers and I own some Lycra shorts. My family laughe...

No masterpiece

So, the masterpiece blog that I wrote late last night didn't post because I forgot to check the "public" button. it wasn't really a masterpiece, it was really a few paragraphs of self indulgent prose of the type that is only written late at night when a...

Missing post

I wrote an insightful and emotional post last night, a literary masterpiece,and for some reason it hasn't posted! maybe I forgot to click the make public button... aaargh! I'll have another go tonight.


The 20 miles is in the bag without incident thank goodness. we're staying with my sister and family over Easter so picked a route through the Cheshire countryside on B roads.  It was nice and quiet, cold but sunny, pretty much perfect running weather. I...


I first posted on here six weeks ago, made two quick blog post then dipped out. But every day for the last six weeks I've been here, checking up on everyone's progress, news and views. My visits have become as much a part of the marathon training routin...


There's a fair bit of snow here in York and I've got a dilema: I haven't missed a training run yet and i'' seven weeks into my schedule. But tonight my son has a sickness bug, the snow is thick on the ground and I've decided to skip my midweek 10 miler....

Mood changer

10 weeks to go so thought that I'd start this. Just another way of being a little obsessive about the event on the horizon that is somehow part of my day to day now. I didn't feel like running tonight, a cough and sore throat seemed like good excuses to...