The Art of Poor Preparation and Under Achievement

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The Art of Poor Preparation and Under Achievement

These idle jottings are for my own amusement, however, I found the discipline of writing to my imaginary friend quite useful whilst preparing for the 2006 London Marathon. I failed to keep the blog up to date for the 2007 Great North Run and I think it would have helped to keep me on track.  GNR 2008 much better as I ran all the way, but now........

I am booked into 2009 Great North Run (Sept 20th), the Royal Parks Half Marathon (Oct 11th) and the Adidas Silverstone Half (March 14th 2010). I am in the ballot for the London Marathon 2010 and currently am determined to run (Charities, start your bidding).

This is all because I'll be 50 in Feb and feel I am due another Mid-Life Crisis as the last one worked out rather well.

I am running the Royal Parks on behalf of Independent Age.



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Day orf

Put a bit of effort into the fund raising side of the matter today. Hope to have appealed to the right people. Chums in the band have agreed to tun out for nothing (as usual), but now I need the venue, format etc. Any ideas?


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Blisters on the balls

Blisters on the balls of my feet this morning. Very uncomfortable. I think it must have been the pork scratchings. I'll get on me bike later.


Met Adrian after work. Four pints of Youngs, 1 packet of dry roasted peanuts, 1 packet of mini cheddars and 1 packet of pork scratchings. I'm going to avoid him from now on.

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Ran to the Cutty Sark again, but only on the treadmill.

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Get on with it!

I didn't get a place in the ballot and so I allowed myself to consider dropping the whole thing over Christmas. Put on weight and got lazy. E-mail blitzed the charities in early January and got a few offers. Picked ...