The Great Buzzers Run 2014

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The Great Buzzers Run 2014

Wow, what fun we all had on 8 September 2013.  The great Oggie inspired us with his idea. and off we all ran and walked.  Splendid, splendid.

And so it's time to kick off again.  The date is 7 September 2014.  Let's run, people!

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The great sweepstake result.

Morning all. I know that the burning question for all this morning is not "Just how epic was the weekend?" (answer, very), or "just how many more marathons will Oggie run today?" (answer, quite a few probably), or even "how many points of view would you...

Roll up for the Great Snowdon...

Nearly time for that great run around the beauties of Snowdonia, folks. As you know, it's been suggested that we have a sweepstake.  The aim is to guess the total time that we will take in getting round.  The declared runners from Realbuzz are; HOBS, Li...